Hawaiian language: history, features and place in the modern world
Oct 04, 2022 | Language and Culture
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  Hawaiian is an Austronesian language that became historically important across the Pacific, with a significant number of native speakers in Hawaii, Guam, Micronesia and parts of Polynesia but now the majority of speakers live in Hawaii.   History of the Hawaiian language Hawaiian is an Austronesian language that takes...
An important role of Medical Translation Services provided by our company
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  A great deal of medical jargon is used, making it hard for non-medical professionals to understand the documents. Our translators have the training and experience necessary to translate your medical records accurately and be able to explain any nuances that may be unfamiliar.   Importance of Medical Translation service...
The main features of a good localization company and the services it can provide
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  Since globalization and the information revolution, most companies have concerns beyond just local markets. They see their business as a global one and are eager to expand into regions of the world that they might not be able to reach. These companies need businesses that offer professional translation services...
Multilingual SEO translations for international SEO strategy
Sep 23, 2022 | Multilingual SEO
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  International SEO strategy is the method of targeting customers from different countries. It can be used for increasing website traffic, improving user engagement and promoting a business globally. An international SEO strategy is a plan for promoting your site internationally. It’s a critical aspect of any marketing strategy because...
Main translation conferences and language events in 2023
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  Selecting which translation and localization conferences to go to can be challenging. There are so many things to consider: the quality of the speakers, the number of attendees, whether it is in a convenient location, and of course the costs. This post will help you sort through all your...


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