Top differences between Canadian and American English
Apr 26, 2021 | Translation services
Once upon a time, there was a language that was used solely by the British people. It had many dialects, some of which were so - ahem - unique that sometimes it took some time even for English speakers to realize it was English they'd just heard. With its...
History of translations
Today, we can’t imagine our world without translation. Though an increasing number of people learn and speak English, Spanish and Chinese, people are yet to invent a universal language that can be used anywhere by anyone. And it means we need translators and interpreters to understand and be...
How to translate a book: all key questions answered
Once your book is published, why not offer it to an audience that you hadn't imagined reaching early on: people who speak a foreign language or two, for example. Of course, to justify this translation, it will be necessary to validate the performance of the book in the...
Book translation - Most Translated books 2020
Any good translation is just a version of an original text rendered into a foreign language. It’s a no-brainer, but we should start somewhere. So, a translation work, as its Latin roots show, is a transfer of meaning from one language to another. But it must not be...
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