What You Have to Know When You Are Facing a Job Relocation
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Job relocation is an increasing reality for many within the workforce. This relocation is because companies are doing all they can to ensure that they attract the best talent and spread out this talent across their various locations. Therefore, it is likely that your employer will, in...
Machine Translation: A comprehesive guide
Jul 02, 2022 | Translation services
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Machine Translation has long been the bane of many translators' existences. The rise of Machine Translation can be traced to two phenomena, globalization, and the internet. Of course, for a machine like google translate to translate a document, it must understand not only the source and target...
Common language errors only professionals can spot
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Letting common language errors slip into your writing can make a big difference to the overall impression you make. Your writing style is an important factor in whether readers trust you and decide to read on, so it's a good idea to learn how to avoid mistakes....
Marketing tips for global brands
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Globalization has brought businesses to realize the economic benefit of breaking down national borders when marketing a product. But, there are real challenges, especially for small and medium-size organizations that market in multiple countries. Considering that one of the most effective ways to engage with a global...
The languages of Norway
Jul 02, 2022 | Language and Culture
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Norway is a country in northern Europe. It shares a border with Sweden, Finland, and Russia. You may have heard that the Norwegians speak Norwegian. That is the truth. But it's not entirely accurate. In fact, there are several spoken languages in Norway, and two of them...


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