Challenges of Chinese to English translation or how to avoid Chinglish
Sep 09, 2019 | Language and Culture
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China is well-known for its populous land and abundant history. Its language is considered the oldest and the most spoken around the world. No wonder, Chinese language is extending its popularity, heading today towards an even more important position. However, conveying meaning from Chinese to English and vice-versa isn’t done without any trouble along the way. Thus, Chinglish is the phenomenon which occurs when the Chinese way of thinking interferes with a proper translation into English. No doubt, variations manifesting between these two languages...
Video captioning - tips to follow when subtitling
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So many films and videos are produced daily with a vast majority available on the screen now. Dubbed versions are amazing, but what about enjoying the originality and grasping the meaning at the same time? You probably wouldn’t mind to hear the voice of that particular actor or to enjoy the video with some extra clarity provided by closed captions. They say that each film is a foreign film to some audience around the world. Thus, for the public to absorb interesting information, the video must...
Brand translation - mistakes in localizing advertisement campaigns
Aug 13, 2019 | Language and Culture
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Achieving success with an enticing slogan in your mother tongue can be a great premise for a market extension overseas. Enhanced sales converted into increased financial revenues is what the contemporary businesses are aspiring to. But here’s another turn of events resulted in failed expectations due to… poor marketing translations. A whole host of humorous and embarrassing cases have marked the history of translated advertising campaigns, which have raised more than just a few eyebrows and, sometimes, caused a burst of laughter to international consumers.
Most translated books - the annual poetry and novel translation contest 2019
Aug 02, 2019 | Language and Culture
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The conversion of creative content into other languages, including novels and poetry, plays a key role in reaching a broader audience by spreading literature world wide.Why is the literary translation important?In fact, the translation of books is of great importance. Firstly, it contours our understanding of the world in its mesmerizing complexity manifested through a variety of elements which it encompasses. Secondly, foreign literature delivers a considerable dose of extraordinary insight into other cultures. Last but not least, novels and poetry may carry valuable knowledge, and can open us up to fascinating journeys into the...
Why is difficult to translate Donald Trump? Trumpslation explained.
Jul 29, 2019 | Language and Culture
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The increased demand for political translation brings some sensitive questions into the international scenario. Apparently innocuous errors or details omitted by negligence can become subject to serious conflicts, and even leading to war. In order to ensure the proper message rendition, the most viable means of identifying and delivering the ideological content should be deployed. Plus, it is important to provide a faithful conversion of the source material. But what about a more intricate context, when the discourse is infused with some supplementary emotional load accompanied by garbled articulations? In this context, the president Donald Trump...