Life Sciences Translation Services

Life Sciences Translation Services

PoliLingua is an experienced and highly-skilled international language service provider, renowned for its medical and life science translations. Our team of professional native language speakers and life science experts handle both scientific content and complex terminology with ease. Working closely with top medical and pharmaceutical companies, our translators combine industry knowledge with the linguistic skill to deliver accurate, high-quality translations that bridge scientific, legal, and regulatory requirements.

  • Our medical translation services are certified and comprehensive, ranging from medical journal interpretation to medical document translations.
  • We are also proud to offer our healthcare interpreter services in over 200 languages across the globe.
  • Such is the expertise that we have been providing certified medical translations for more than 20 years now.
  • With our tailor-made solutions and affordable rates, PoliLingua offers an extensive range of quality translation services in medicine and life sciences.

What Is Included In Our Life Science Translations

Life science translations typically involve translating content related to biological and medical sciences, including but not limited to

  • Medical documents - This includes a translation of medical records, discharge summaries, patient reports, clinical study reports, and other healthcare documents.
  • Pharmaceutical translations - This includes a translation of drug monographs, package inserts, and other regulatory documents for pharmaceutical companies.
  • Scientific research papers - This includes a translation of scientific research papers, academic articles, and other scientific publications in the life sciences field.
  • Medical device manuals - This includes a translation of manuals for medical devices, equipment, and other medical technology.
  • Biotech translations - This includes a translation of materials related to biotechnology, such as patents, research proposals, and lab reports.
  • Clinical trials - This includes a translation of informed consent forms, protocols, case report forms, and other documentation related to clinical trials.
  • Medical marketing materials - This includes a translation of marketing materials for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and other medical products.

PoliLingua's Medical Translation Services

Are you looking for professional pharmaceutical or medical translation services from English into other European or Asian languages or vice versa? PoliLingua can offer professional expertise at great rates and guarantee the most comprehensive medical translation solutions.

All medical translations at PoliLingua are being dealt with through native-speaker medical translators, who have extensive knowledge and experience, to meet the high level of accuracy needed for such a highly specialized discipline. You simply cannot afford to get a medical prescription wrong. It may cost a life. At PoliLingua we take it seriously. With thousands of professional medical translators from all around the world, PoliLingua is in an exclusive position to deal with medical translation projects of any kind.

For increased efficiency, our linguists use computer-assisted translation software or CAT tools such as Poedit, Trados, Déjà vu, Transit, Wordfast, Across, AlchemyCatalyst, and many others. Using CAT tools has proved to be a genuine aid to medical translators, particularly in achieving terminology translation accuracy.

Types of Medical Translation Services

Medical translation services are an essential part of the healthcare industry. They involve translating medical documents, reports, and other materials from one language to another. Here are some of the different types of medical translation services provided by our translation company PoliLingua.

  • Clinical trial translation - Clinical trial documents, including informed consent forms, protocol summaries, and regulatory submissions, need to be translated accurately for global clinical trials.
  • Medical device translation - Medical device manuals, instructions, and labels must be translated into the appropriate language for use in different countries.
  • Pharmaceutical translation - Pharmaceutical companies require translations of drug information, package inserts, and labeling into different languages for distribution worldwide.
  • Medical journal translation - Medical journals and scientific publications often require translations to reach a global audience.
  • Patient education materials translation - Patient education materials such as brochures, pamphlets, and videos must be translated to enable patients to understand their healthcare options.
  • Medical interpreting - Medical interpreting involves translating spoken words from one language to another in real-time, enabling healthcare providers to communicate with patients who do not speak the same language.
  • Medical transcription - Medical transcription involves transcribing recorded medical dictation into written documents, often requiring translation to be understood by foreign-language healthcare providers.
  • Medical website translation - Medical websites must be translated to reach a global audience and provide important healthcare information to people around the world.

Healthcare Interpretation Services

Healthcare interpretation services provide medical facilities with increased access to medical care regardless of language barriers. These services bridge the gap between medical staff and many diverse groups, allowing medical professionals to better serve their patients.

Trained medical interpreters help both medical personnel and patients connect by providing verbal interpretation in medical settings. They ensure that both sides understand medical terminology and protocols, as well as provide guidance on cultural sensitivity.

Additionally, medical interpreters are often called upon to translate consent forms and other documents related to medical treatment. What's more, they can also explain procedures and answer questions from a patient's perspective to improve the accuracy of care.

By incorporating the use of healthcare interpretation services into healthcare systems, providers can provide quality care on an equal footing no matter a patient's language background or culture.

What Is a Certified Medical Interpreter?

A certified medical interpreter is a professional who provides language interpretation services to healthcare providers and patients with limited language proficiency. These interpreters are trained and certified to ensure that they can accurately and effectively interpret medical information between patients and healthcare providers.

Certified medical interpreters typically have a high level of proficiency in at least two languages and possess specialized knowledge in medical terminology, cultural competence, and ethical considerations. They work in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and private practices.

Certification requirements for medical interpreters vary depending on the state or region but typically include completion of a formal training program and passing a certification exam. Certification is important to ensure that interpreters have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide accurate and effective interpretation services in medical settings.

PoliLingua’s Certified Medical Interpreters

PoliLingua can provide medical interpreters who are certified and have an extensive medical vocabulary. Our medical interpreters follow the highest standards of medical translation protocols and have several years of medical translation experience.

We offer medical interpreting in many languages, including Spanish, French, Mandarin, and German so you will be sure to find an interpreter who is fluent in your desired language. We value accuracy and quality above all else when it comes to our medical interpretation services.

With PoliLingua, you can trust that our medical interpreters will ensure accurate communication between medical professionals and patients or their families to ensure the best outcome.

Confidential Medical Translations of PoliLingua

Our confidence in PoliLingua's ability to provide accurate and secure translations of sensitive medical documents is unshakable. Being ISO-certified and working exclusively with experienced native translator teams, PoliLingua delivers top-level confidence to its clients who can rest assured that their medical translations are produced with the utmost security and precision. A dedicated team is available at all times to tackle any language-related issues as quickly as possible, making PoliLingua the number-one choice for anyone needing reliable and confidential medical translations.

Confidential Medical Translations of PoliLingua

Requirements for Healthcare Translations

Healthcare translations require a high level of precision and accuracy since they involve specialized terminology and information that can have serious consequences if misunderstood or mistranslated. Here are some of the main features of medical translations.

  • Specialized terminology - Medical translations often involve technical terms that require expertise in the field. Translators must be familiar with medical terminology in both the source and target languages.
  • Legal requirements - Healthcare translations may need to comply with legal requirements in the target country, such as regulatory guidelines or medical product labeling regulations.
  • Cultural considerations - Medical translations must take into account cultural differences between the source and target languages, such as differences in medical practices, traditions, and beliefs.
  • Accuracy - Medical translations must be highly accurate and faithful to the original text since even a small error or omission can have serious consequences.
  • Confidentiality - Healthcare translations may contain sensitive and confidential information, so translators must follow strict confidentiality procedures.
  • Contextualization - Medical translations must be contextualized to the intended audience, whether it is medical professionals, patients, or the general public. Translators must be aware of the target audience's level of knowledge and cultural background.
  • Quality assurance - Healthcare translations require rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure accuracy and completeness. This may involve multiple rounds of review and editing, as well as compliance with industry standards such as ISO 17100.

Advantages of Our Life Science and Medical Translation Company

  • Accuracy and Reliability - PoliLingua employs only native-speaking translators who are certified in their respective languages. This means that you can trust that our translations are both accurate and reliable. Our team of language experts has extensive experience translating a wide range of medical documents, including patient forms, medical records, clinical trial protocols, informed consent forms, and more. Our translators have an intimate understanding of the context surrounding each document they translate, which means that they will always take into account regional variations and cultural nuances when producing translations. As such, you can rest assured knowing that any translations produced by our team are faithful to the source material and accurately reflect the intended meaning.
  • Expertise in Medical Terminology - Our medical translation company employs only experienced translators who have extensive knowledge of medical terminology and regulations related to healthcare communications. All our translators have advanced degrees or certifications in either life sciences or medicine and bring years of experience translating complex medical texts into multiple languages. This ensures that even the most technical documents will be translated accurately and consistently across multiple languages for maximum comprehension by your target audience.
  • Quality Assurance Guarantee - PoliLingua takes pride in its commitment to quality assurance (QA). All translations are reviewed by a bilingual editor who is an expert in medical terminology and localization. This ensures that all texts meet the highest standards of accuracy and readability. In addition, our medical translation company’s QA team will check for consistency throughout all translations, ensuring that all documents are uniform across multiple languages.
  • Fast Turnaround Times - At our medical translation company, we understand how important it is for healthcare providers to have access to timely translations. That's why we offer fast turnaround times with no sacrifice in quality or accuracy. Our team can quickly produce high-quality translations without compromising on quality or reliability due to our streamlined workflow process and use of cutting-edge translation technologies.
  • Cost Savings - When it comes to providing quality care for patients, time is money - and so is accuracy. By partnering with PoliLingua for your medical translation needs you can save both time and money while still receiving top-notch service from experienced professionals who understand the unique challenges faced by healthcare providers when translating medical documents. Plus, with our flexible pricing options, our medical translation company can work with you to create a solution that fits within your budget while meeting all your translation needs.
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Get a Free Quote For Certified Medical Translation

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