Getting Started with Voice Acting
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Perhaps in your opinion, the importance of audio is secondary to that of visual. But many people believe that a good voice actor can create an experience far more immersive than animation with the ability to manipulate emotions. It can elevate the quality of any...
Volodymyr Zelensky’s ,,Servant of The People" goes global after localization propels the show in different countries
Mar 07, 2022 | Language and Culture
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How Localization and Subtitling along with Ukrainian Translation could help widespread this TV Show or even make it mainstream? You can doubt the success of the show, but it can reach far bigger success with proper localization and
Legal Translation: What it actually means and its importance
Feb 25, 2022 | Translation services
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  Legal translation is one of the most challenging and sought-after types in the translation industry, due to the complexity and extreme attention to detail, it requires. Law firms, corporate entities, and government agencies all require the assistance of qualified legal translators. A high degree of accuracy is crucial in...
Voice-Over is Not Just For the Movie Industry: An article to dispel the myth that voice over is only applicable in the movie industry
Feb 25, 2022 | Language and Culture
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Voice over is something that you might have heard before without even knowing what it was. Voice over is the process of recording one’s voice and then having the recording inserted into other media such as a movie or video game. Some, however, believe that voice-over is something reserved for...
What is a certified translation?
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The main purpose of a translation to be certified is to confirm that it is faithful and complete. For example, you need a certified translation of your grades if you want to pursue graduate studies abroad. The reason is that many applications for further studies demand copies of transcriptions in...


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