Document translation: how much does it cost and why?
Jul 01, 2021 | Multilingual SEO
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As with any knowledge work, translation is really something greater than a sum of its parts. To make a translation expert it takes a good command of two languages (a target and a source one - the one it’s translated from and the one it’s translated to), extensive...
We did redesign it! You might want to take a look
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Oh hi! We need to talk. Yes, everything is okay, but there is something you should know about. We’ve redesigned our website and you really should check it out. Basically, it’s a facelift of the meeting place for translation experts (that’s us) and our clients (that’s...
9 things to consider when choosing the right translation agency
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As with any other kinds of business, when choosing a translation service provider to work with you should take into consideration a number of things, from the credibility of the agency to the quality of translation it does to the availability of its customer service. To help...
Freelance Translator or Translation Agency: Who should you hire for your next translation project
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This moment will come. In a month or a week or a day, your company will reach the point when everyone realizes - Henry doesn’t understand what we are talking about. We need to translate everything. Or maybe it will be the new boss who will get interested...
Top differences between Canadian and American English
Apr 26, 2021 | Translation services
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Once upon a time, there was a language that was used solely by the British people. It had many dialects, some of which were so - ahem - unique that sometimes it took some time even for English speakers to realize it was English they'd just heard. With its...