Romanian Romance: Decoding the Art of Italian to Romanian Translation

Romanian Romance: Decoding the Art of Italian to Romanian Translation

Tatiana Osoblivaia


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In the era of globalization, translation represents a vital bridge between cultures and languages, and when it comes to translating between Italian and Romanian, specific challenges arise that require expertise and precision. This article explores these challenges while also revealing the best way to translate from Italian to Romanian and vice versa. We will also discover the professional Italian-Romanian translation services offered by PoliLingua, as well as the various types of translations from Italian to Romanian and vice versa that this company provides.


Challenges of Italian-Romanian Translation 

Translation is a subtle and complex process that involves much more than a simple word replacement from one language to another. When it comes to translation between Italian and Romanian, two related Romance languages, the challenges and nuances can be particularly intriguing. This article aims to delve into the significant challenges that translators face when translating from Italian to Romanian and vice versa in detail.


Common Origin and Linguistic Diversity

Having a common origin in the Latin language, both Italian and Romanian have evolved separately over the centuries. This evolution has led to the development of unique grammatical structures, vocabularies, and expressions in each language. Consequently, translation between the two languages faces various notable challenges:


Grammatical Differences between Romanian and Italian

  • Gender of Nouns - In Romanian, nouns have three genders (masculine, feminine, neuter), while in Italian, there are only two (masculine and feminine). This difference may require careful choices in translation to maintain sense and coherence.
  • Flexibility in Word Order - Romanian allows greater flexibility in word order in sentences, while Italian has a more rigid structure. Romanian translators must pay attention to this aspect to maintain coherence and understanding.
  • Use of Articles - Romanian uses definite and indefinite articles in a more complex way than Italian. This difference can pose a challenge in translation, as the languages have different ways of using and omitting articles.


Pronunciation and Sound Differences

Despite both languages being phonetically written, there are differences in pronunciation and specific sounds in each language. Translators must be aware of these differences to choose appropriate words and expressions.


The Complexity of Vocabulary and Idiomatic Expressions of Romanian and Italian

  • Idiomatic Expressions and Regionalisms - Both Romanian and Italian are rich in idiomatic expressions and regionalisms. Translating them can be difficult because some expressions do not have exact equivalents in the other language.
  • Specific Cultural Vocabulary - Italy and Romania have distinct cultural and historical traditions, which means that cultural vocabulary can be different. Translators must be aware of these differences to accurately convey the cultural context of the text.

The Best Way to Translate Romanian to Italian and Italian to Romanian 

Translation is a complex process that requires not only linguistic skills but also a deep understanding of context and cultural nuances. When it comes to translating from Romanian to Italian and vice versa, it's essential to have confidence in professional translation services, and one of the most respected international translation companies is PoliLingua.

PoliLingua's Professional Italian-Romanian Translation Services

PoliLingua is a translation company with extensive experience in the field of translations between Italian and Romanian. With a team of certified and experienced translators, our language service provider is renowned for the quality and precision of its translations. That's why our company stands out as the best choice for translation from Romanian to Italian and vice versa.

Types of Italian-Romanian Translations Offered by Our Language Service Provider

Translation is a necessity in a globalized world, where effective communication between different languages and cultures is essential. One of the most requested language combinations for translation is between Italian and Romanian, two languages with Latin origins and rich cultural nuances. PoliLingua, a professional translation company, offers a wide range of translation services from Romanian to Italian and vice versa. Let's explore the different types of translations offered by our international translation company in this language pair.

General Romanian-Italian Translations

General translations are the most common and cover a wide range of documents and texts. These can include personal correspondence, emails, letters, administrative documents, reports, press releases, and much more. Our team of Italian and Romanian translators ensures that these translations are accurate and easily understandable while maintaining the original style and intent.

Legal Italian-Romanian Translations

Translating legal documents is a complex task that requires solid legal knowledge in both languages. PoliLingua has Romanian and Italian translators specialized in the legal field who can translate legal documents such as contracts, agreements, judgments, and notarial acts. Accuracy in this field is crucial, and our team ensures that all legal translations comply with current law.

Medical Romanian-Italian Translations

Translating medical documents requires a deep understanding of medical terminology in both languages. Our translation company collaborates with Italian and Romanian translators specialized in the medical field to provide accurate and appropriate translations for medical documents such as diagnostic reports, medical records, clinical studies, and treatment guides.

Technical Italian-Romanian Translations

Technical documents often contain industry-specific terminology that must be translated accurately. PoliLingua has Romanian and Italian translators for the technical field who can translate user manuals, technical specifications, technical documentation, and other technical materials with precision.

Marketing and Advertising Romanian-Italian Translations

Marketing and advertising translations require creativity and cultural adaptation. We work with translators specialized in translating marketing materials, including brochures, websites, advertisements, and social media content. Their team ensures that your message remains engaging and effective in both languages.

Technology and IT Italian-Romanian Translations 

In an ever-evolving digital world, technology and IT translations are becoming increasingly important. Our team of native Romanian and Italian linguists offers translation services for IT documents, software manuals, technical documentation, and more. Their Romanian-Italian translators have a deep understanding of terminology in the technology field.

Academic Romanian-Italian Translations

Academic translations cover a wide range of materials, from scientific publications to doctoral theses. Our skilled Italian and Romanian linguists offer academic translation services for students and researchers who wish to share their work in an international context.

Advantages of Our Italian-Romanian Translations 

  • Experience and Expertise in Translation from Romanian to Italian and Vice versa - PoliLingua has a team of translators with extensive experience in the field of translations from Italian to Romanian and vice versa. These Romanian-Italian translators have a deep understanding of both languages, as well as the grammatical and cultural nuances that come with them. Whether you need legal, medical, technical, or any other type of translation, our team has the necessary expertise to handle any request.
  • A Rigorous Translation Process - Our professional team of translators places great emphasis on quality and precision. Their translation process involves multiple stages of review and checking to ensure that the final translation is grammatically correct and retains the original nuances and meaning. This level of attention to detail is crucial to ensuring the quality of their translation services.
  • Professional Support - PoliLingua is a customer-oriented company and is ready to assist with all your needs. If you have questions or concerns, you can call or send an email, and the support team will respond promptly and efficiently. This level of customer service is another reason why our Italian-Romanian translation services stand out in the translation industry.
  • Privacy and Security of All Translations - PoliLingua places great importance on privacy and security. Your documents are handled with the utmost care, and all personal and business information is protected according to the highest security standards.
  • Ease of Application - Another significant advantage of our international language translation services is the ease of application. Regardless of where you are, you can request the translation of your documents without hassle. You just need to upload the document in the online request form, and the team will provide you with a free quote for professional translation from Italian to Romanian or vice versa.

Translation from Italian to Romanian and vice versa is a complex art that demands a profound understanding of the grammatical structure, vocabulary, and cultural nuances of both languages. Although the challenges can be significant, experienced Romanian-Italian translators can successfully navigate this linguistic territory, ensuring efficient and precise communication between the two languages and cultures.

When you need precise and reliable translations from Italian to Romanian or vice versa, PoliLingua's professional services are the ideal choice. With a team of expert translators, a rigorous translation process, and ease of application, we adhere to the highest standards of quality. Don't entrust the translation of your documents to just anyone. Choose PoliLingua to ensure that your message is conveyed correctly and effectively in both Italian and Romanian languages.


Our translations are performed by translators carefully selected to align with the subject matter and content of your project. They meet and exceed international quality standards. Upon request, we will provide you with a certificate attesting to the precision of our translations