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Global language services for international business

PoliLingua Transcriptions

Translation Services

Language expertise for multinational businesses

PoliLingua Transcriptions


74 languages, 295 language pairs, over 2000 professional linguists worldwide

PoliLingua Transcriptions

PoliLingua Transcriptions

Multilingual transcription services, 42 languages

PoliLingua Transcriptions

Voice overs

Professional voice & sound in any language

PoliLingua specializes in translation, localization and managed language solutions for clients both large and small, from corporate, government and private sectors.
Our project management teams offer a professional and friendly service with an in-depth understanding of project requirements. We work with total respect for our clients’ deadlines and budgets. We’re happy to provide free price quotes for any document, user manual, website or software localization project. Contact us now for a free quote!

Over the past 13 years, PoliLingua has specialized in many different types of document translation services (legal, medical, technical, financial, and others).
We also offer website translation and software localization, as well as video game localization services. Armed with a global network of production facilities, we can translate anything into over 60 languages, guaranteeing client satisfaction.

Translation services

PoliLingua is proud to present a number of translation services, from our highly qualified team of over 5000 professional linguists translating in their mother-tongues.

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Multilingual Voice Over

Whether it is advertising, movie production, game development, iPhone/iPad application or even a radio show, you will certainly need a broad choice of brilliant artists with absolutely different voices.

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Subtitling Services

Subtitling is an extremely effective and indispensable part of most video and audio production nowadays, in particular with videos’ ability of global reach. We offer subtitling services for any type of videos, corporate presentations, promotional videos, short films, and documentaries.

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If you need a professional interpreter then contact us. Whatever the language, no matter where you are, our professional interpreters can help you. Conference interpreter, court interpreter, personal interpreter etc...

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Desktop Publishing and Typesetting

We employ highly qualified DTP specialists and graphic designers, providing them with the latest software and applications necessary to prepare project, of any size and complexity in any language.

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What our clients say

  • Thank you very much for all the hard work you & your team have put into this project, greatly appreciated! Jim just wrote to say how perfect everything is and how grateful they are for delivering the test and Certificate Of Achievement. The first day is always a challenge but this one has worked out very, very well and that has so much to do with you and your team.

    John Smith
    Project Manager
  • Everything went super well. Your equipment guys were fabulous, interpreters were excellent and all the materials came in time for us to use them. Thank you, you really did a great job.

    John Smith
    Samsung trainer
  • You are an absolute star! Great job! Thanks very much for the very speedy response, much appreciated.

    John Smith
    Vargis Account Manager