PoliLingua ISO Certification

PoliLingua ISO Certification

Tatiana Osoblivaia


Language services industry

PoliLingua’s translation services certified with ISO 17100:2015 quality standards

It is our pleasure to announce that PoliLingua has been certified as an ISO 17100:2012 compliant. This standard provides the requirements for a translation agency’s core processes, resources and other aspects necessary to complete quality translation services that meet applicable ISO specifications. Customers’ loyalty and retention, strictly depends on the quality of the services provided. Therefore, PoliLingua’s quality management system has been certified with one of the most recent, international quality standards for Translation Services.

ISO 17100:2015 Quality Standard Certification accredits and guarantees:

  • Professional translators with relevant experience and expertise;
  • Skilled project managers;
  • Additional evaluation of the translations;
  • All projects are entirely based on the customers’ guidelines;
  • All translation phases are implemented in accordance with clients’ schedules, arrangements and time-frames;
  • All projects are registered and performed in our Quality Management System.

Being approved by the European Committee for Standardisation, ISO 17100:2015 is considered to be the latest and the most demanding international ISO quality standard. The newest version of this quality standard (17100:2015) has been extended over the following concerns it covers:

  • The expertise of linguists (translators and proofreaders) and project managers;
  • Quality management system;
  • Monitoring the process of the translation service.

Translator’s Expertise in accordance with ISO 17100:2015
In order to meet ISO requirements, the translators that are assigned for any translation project need to meet one of the three following criteria:

  1. The translator must be a graduate from an institution of higher education with a degree in translations.
  2. The translator must be a graduate from an institution of higher education with a degree in any field, but must have an experience of two full years in professional translation.
  3. The translator must have an experience of five years of professional translation.

Proofreader's Expertise in accordance with ISO 17100:2015
According to ISO quality standards, the proofreader has to meet the same criteria as the translator.

Project Manager’s Expertise in accordance with ISO 17100:2015
Project Manager assigned to translation project should meet the following requirements:

  1. Project Manager must have ample knowledge of translation industry
  2. Project Manager should continually expand knowledge of translation agency and train new skills in strong accordance with customer’s changing tendencies.
  3. Project Manager should continually study the flows and processes of translation processes, and software trend in the translation industry.

Quality Management System
In order to maintain the highest quality of the provided services, ISO 17100:2015 aims to enforce several procedures that require additional control by separate specialists and the documentation of all performed processes.

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PoliLingua’s team of translators will be happy to support any localization projects that require ISO certification. Send us an email at [email protected] and our managers will send you our free quote.


Our translations are performed by translators carefully selected to align with the subject matter and content of your project. They meet and exceed international quality standards. Upon request, we will provide you with a certificate attesting to the precision of our translations