German translation services

German translation services

Looking for a German translation solution? Look no further than Polilingua! Our expert team can help you manage projects of any size to find a flexible, efficient and economical solution to your German translation needs.

Working with Polilingua gives you access to thousands of certified German translators with years of translation and localization experience, as well as our intuitive platform and embedded quality tools. So why wait? Contact us today to get started on your German translation project!

Why PoliLingua?

  • 1,331 Professional German translators
  • 16,818,715 German words translated
  • 15,644 German translation projects
  • Projects Management & Quality Control
  • Competitive Rates

German translations with PoliLingua

Do you want to do business in Germany, the European leader and a key player on the international scene? German is a target language in any process of internationalization and development. Our German translation services allow your blog articles, catalogs, e-commerce sites, and the showcase sites of your services to speak directly to the German-speaking public.

To develop your activity in Germany, PoliLingua offers you translation and interpretation services carried out by native professionals. We hire German translators based on criteria of experience in the translation sector, knowledge of the Web, and its modes of communication, knowledge of the German market, and language proficiency.

All our experts translate only into their native language, which guarantees quality.

PoliLingua speaks over 100 languages, including German and English. And it is literally our job to make sure you are understood around the world, from Los Angeles to Berlin to Tokyo.

The sky's the limit with the translation services of our company and our team of professional translators can offer to your business. Contact us today and let us help you grow your business!

German people and language overview

Since its reunification with the former German Democratic Republic, the Federal Republic of Germany has a population of over 80 million people in 16 states. The majority of Germans speak German in a proportion of 92%, which shows a very high degree of linguistic homogeneity. There are still 8% speakers of other languages. Some speak a national minority language, such as Danish, Frisian (two variants), Sorbian (two variants), or Polish, while others speak one of the many immigrant languages (Turkish, Arabic, Greek, Italian, etc.). The four national minorities in Germany are Friesians, Danes, Sorbs, and Gypsies (German Sinti and Roma).

The German language is one of the most influential foreign languages in the world. Of Indo-European origin, it belongs to the western branch of the Germanic languages. Being the official language of 6 countries, German can be considered as an umbrella language, a standard language for different dialects, and has nearly 100 million speakers. The interest in German in the world is based on its historical and political importance, but also on its role in tourism and the international exchange of information.

German people and language overview

English to German and German to English translation

PoliLingua offers translation services from German to English, as well as translation from English into German. In both cases, we have at our disposal native English and German translators specialized in a wide range of fields (e-commerce, tourism, sports, nutrition, IT, automotive, marketing, SEO, design, and decoration, etc... ), and whose linguistic skills are beyond reproach (each of our translators holds an appropriate degree and/or has several years of experience in the world of translation). We can assign a professional translator to your project according to their particular skills in your sector, or dedicate several translators to work with you. Our expertise in web content and SEO guarantees you will get German content with optimized visibility for search engines.

Each text delivered is therefore checked by professional bilingual translators. 178 professional native German experts with years of professional translation experience work with PoliLingua translation agency. All our German translators and interpreters are native speakers, who can verify that the translation is consistent and respectful of the spirit of the original text. Together we’ve successfully carried out 198 German translation and interpretation projects so far. It’s around 1,564,300 German words translated. To put it into perspective, all seven Harry Potter books by J. K. Rowling have just about 1,084,170 words.

Every native German expert working with PoliLingua has the necessary experience and qualifications to provide certified translation services including interpretation, localization, marketing, website translation, German medical translations, legal translation, technical translation, and general business translation services and solutions. They all have one or more areas of expertise, which allows them to produce reliable, accurate, and high-quality German document translations. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we carry out a very rigorous internal quality control before sending you the translated documents.

If you wish to translate from or to German, nothing could be simpler! Request a quote online by filling out our form or contact us by phone or email.

Professional and affordable German translation services

We are an agency of dedicated and reliable translators. We provide accurate, authentic German translations as if they were originally written in German.

All our translators are native speakers and always translate into their mother tongue. A translation into German can only be done by a native German. We work with many languages, but translation into German is one of the most popular so we can guarantee low prices.

Give it a try: ask for a quote and we'll take care of the rest!

Our 18 years of experience in the field of certified translations are reflected in the number of our clients. They appreciate us because we always strive to provide the most accurate and professional translations for their documents.

We have certified translators who are experts in German and in several fields, such as medical, legal, marketing translation technical, localization solutions, etc. They can work more accurately on your translation projects.

Thus, PoliLingua translation company offers certified translation services and solutions within budget and to the highest professional standard. For us, the most important values associated with our agency are the customers. So, over the past 18 years, they have always appreciated us for our professional and certified document translation services into almost any language.

PoliLingua is a corporate member of The Institute of Translation and Interpreting, the full member of the European Language Industry Association (ELIA), a member of both the American Translators Association (ATA) and Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), and an accredited member of Association of Translation Companies (ATC). In 2020, PoliLingua got certificates of assurance from Cyber Essentials.

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Our translations are performed by translators carefully selected to align with the subject matter and content of your project. They meet and exceed international quality standards. Upon request, we will provide you with a certificate attesting to the precision of our translations