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Business with the newest European Union states is picking up pace. Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria are full of new market opportunities. But to get there successfully one needs a solid footing and a part of it is based on proper translation and localization, which quality goes in sync with the professionalism of the linguists we work with.

At PoliLingua translation agency, we take the recruiting process very seriously and apply strict criteria to every applicant. This way we can be sure that any project is done to conform to the highest standards and our clients get exactly what they are looking for - accuracy, quality, good timing, and a reasonable price.

This is particularly true of Romanian translation as it’s a rather unique and complex language that requires strong linguistic and cultural knowledge from a translator. Luckily for you, one of the PoliLingua’s offices is located in Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova, the country where Romanian is the official language. All of our 246 professional Romanian translators are native speakers and have an extensive background in working with texts of various fields of expertise.   

Building a team of highly qualified translators requires time and constant control. For almost 20 years of activity, we have gathered translators under an integrated managerial center. They meet our clients’ Romanian language translation needs, helping them to communicate successfully with their business partners and other contact persons from abroad.

During that time we have managed 935 Romanian language translation projects with over 9,523,000 Romanian words translated and won the bragging rights to say that we are the perfect match for you, especially if you need Romanian to English or English to Romanian translation. 

Our objective is not a word-for-word translation but a target text that would be read and understood by native speakers as if it was drawn up in the target language in the first place. 

Project Management & Quality Control

 We work to provide you with quality within deadlines, and we stand by the initial agreement. Our dedicated team of project managers and linguists works with a focus on results no matter which industry the translation concerns. Our professional linguists are not only native Romanian speakers but have a background in various industries including medical, legal, IT, and many more. 

All the above gives PoliLingua a unique opportunity to localize your content on the go while considering the dialect of Romanian your target audience uses. This upgrades the quality without undermining the accuracy. 

The Romanian language across the border

Around 26 million people consider Romanian as a native language with another 4 million use it as their second language. Romanian has a few dialects and is spoken in several countries of the European Union, such as Serbia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, and Croatia. It’s worth a mention that Romanian is the official language of the Republic of Moldova where sometimes it is referred to as Moldovan. The language is the same, but traditions and language nuances persist, so it may be a case for a Romanian-Moldovan translator. 

At PoliLingua, we work with every variant and dialect of the Romanian language and, depending on the target audience you work with, we will assign a Romanian linguist who is the right fit for your project. 

The professional Romanian translation services we offer

Besides your business communication support, we offer such services as:

Certified Romanian translation service 

Our translation service is fast, confidential and accurate. We translate legal documents, academic and civil government certificates. Our translation is recognized in all government offices in Great Britain, the EU and beyond. We provide all certification levels depending on your specific requirements, from affidavits and sworn translations to notarizations and apostilles for legal use abroad. 

Romanian website, software and manuals localization

PoliLingua is also experienced in Romanian website and software translation and localization. Use the form below, contact us and receive detailed information about this service. Our native Romanian translators and localization experts work both with English to Romanian and Romanian to English translation and localization. We provide localization translation services for organizations, businesses and practices to ensure they can get their global reach up a notch driving more visitors to their websites with quality content in as many languages as it gets. 

We have been localizing marketing materials, from booklets to white papers to websites, from day one. You could take advantage of our vast experience in localization to translate information material of any kind from English to Romanian or from Romanian into English. This is particularly important if you plan to open a representative office in Romania or Moldova. 

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We use only translators carefully selected to match the subject matter and content of your project. Our translations meet and exceed international quality standards. Upon request, we will provide you with a statement which certifies the accuracy of our translations.