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The Polish language is the native tongue of over 40 million people around the world with more than 36 million living in Poland. The country is one of the fastest growing in the European Union and is the only European country to avoid recession in the wake of the global financial crisis. The Warsaw stock exchange and a liberal attitude to foreign involvement in the economy have made it the center of financial services and banking in Central Europe.
Tourism, financial services and a diverse industrial base make Poland an attractive place to set up business in and to trade with. The need to deal with the government and institutions using the Polish language can mean having a quality Polish translation service is vital to success. We can take care of all of your translation needs and are able to provide English to Polish as well as Polish to English translations at low cost with guaranteed quality and a fast turnaround time.

Financial Translations
We have seen a huge increase in the volume of financial translation work and we have an expert team that is fully capable of completing any financial translation task that you have. The strong Polish economy continues to attract investment and providing Polish translation service so that foreign investors and investment companies can be fully informed on a company’s financial health and financial plans before making an investment decision.
Our strong reputation for meeting corporate confidentiality requirements and ability to provide professional financial translations quickly has helped to make us a top rated translation service. We can discuss your particular needs and arrange the right service with the right personnel to deliver everything that we promise.

  • Financial presentation
  • Disclosure documents
  • Financial accounts
  • Investment documents
  • Contracts

Technical Translations
The diverse manufacturing industries located in Poland have seen the need for technical translations of many diverse types become increasingly important. The ability to produce designs worldwide and have them manufactured in Poland for use in the European Union requires top quality Technical translations. We can provide high quality work on budget and on time so that translation does not become burdensome on the design and production process.
We understand that it is not only vital to translate Polish to English but to translate the instruction in a way the clearly brings across the exact meaning. Our experienced team is skilled at translating intent and technically literate at a level high enough to understand the process. This greatly aids the ability to bring clarity in technical translations.
There are many types of documents that are described as technical translations and these include:

  • Instruction manuals
  • Training materials
  • Process documents
  • User guides
  • Product catalogs

Game Translation and Localization
There is a world market of 40 million native Polish speakers that can be targeted by using translation services to localize games developed for English speaking markets to the Polish market. There are also many Polish developed games that can be simply and quickly converted to the much more lucrative English speaking market.
When you use our services to provide the game translation using our dedicated polish translation team you will ensure the fastest possible turnaround with a highly polished translation that will both faithfully reproduce the game original text and properly relate the information needed to work with the game. Our skilled polish translator team has the experience needed to make sure that the product delivered will fully embody the ideas of the original game.
The internet and the explosion of devices that can play games have driven the uptake of popular low cost games. We have extensive experience working on:

  • Flash based browser games
  • iPhone and iPad games
  • Android games
  • Converting existing games
  • New game development

The Polish Language and People
Poland is dominated by Ethnically Polish people representing 94% of the 38.54 million population. It represents part of the European Union’s border with Eastern and Central Europe has become a rail and road hub for transportation of goods into and out of these bordering countries and the rest of the EU.
The strong economy and relatively high average GDP $489.8 billion ($12,707 per capita) make it a well-regarded investment destination. It has a wide manufacturing base, tourism, strong educational institutions and a relatively low debt ratio.

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