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Polilingua offers managed translation solutions for Czech to English, English to Czech language pairs. We can translate Czech into any European language and some Asian languages as well. We provide a wide range of Czech translation services aimed for corporate, government and private sectors:

  • Document translation
  • Website translation
  • Certified translation
  • Software translation
  • Technical translation

We understand the importance of providing quality professional translation services for the variety of specialized areas in which there is simply no room for error. All our translation are handled by qualified native speaker translators, with each being competent in various industry fields such as automotive, legal, IT, medical, education, etc.

Our Czech translation team is formed of experienced local linguists capable of dealing with all kinds of documents including officially issued documentation such as birth and marriage certificates, diplomas, contracts, reports, invoices, user-manuals, literary texts and many other Czech document translation you may need.

At Polilingua we take special care for each translation project to be dealt with the best possible commitment to our clients’ needs. We have a proven quality assurance procedures in place guaranteeing quality work delivered on time. We also offer Czech interpreting, voice-over, transcription and localization services at great rates.

Country & Language Profile

The Czech Republic is a beautiful country in Central Europe, it is classified as high income economy, has a gross national income per capita of least 12, 500. Most of the economy is under private control, the government is looking to continue with privatization of the economy. Czech republic is member state of European Union, NATO, World Trade Organization and other international organizations.

Czech is a West Slavic language with about 12 million native speakers; it reigns as the majority language in the Republic. Till the late 19th century the language was known as Bohemian and often mutual intelligible with Slovak with differences in dialects or accented speech. The etymology of the word Bohemian comes from Latin ‘’Boiohaemum’’, meaning the home of Boii, a Celtic tribe inhabiting the western part of the country.

The Capital of Czech Rebublic is beautiful city of Prague known for its architectural landmarks. Among the interesting particularities of Czech there is a presence of words that do not have vowels. Czech language has a unique phonological unit of consonant ř. In syntax, words can be permutated in sentences while preserving the meaning.

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