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The recent changes the government of Myanmar has introduced have led to both the relaxing of sanctions on the country and a renewed interest in tourism and business in the country. The government had been relaxing tourist entry requirement slowly over the last five years and the opportunities that many people see in the country has led to a increased investment in infrastructure to take advantage of the countries normalized relationship with the rest of the world.

When travelling, working or doing business in Myanmar the need for translated documents and properly filled out paperwork can seem problematic. It is the bureaucratic nature of the armed services controlled immigration and customs services that can take some time and effort to work through. There are many changes taking place and this can mean that paperwork takes more than a single visit to be properly processed.

Authorized Translations
There are many instances where you may require authorized translations for documents that you are presenting to any of the official institutions inside Myanmar. An authorized translation is a translation that is done by a Burmese translator that is a professional translator and has accreditation that they are fully conversant in both languages. This is because the translation has the same legal value as the source document and must fully and completely translate the source document. It is widely used in Myanmar for English to Burmese translations of official documents and certificates.

The need for authorized translations for Myanmar citizens that wish to travel, work or study overseas to show the required information is also common. Visa application may specify authorized Burmese English translations are required. Using a well respected service such as ours helps to make certain that your application is not held up while the translation is reviewed.

Financial Translations
The opening up of the Myanmar to foreign investment is a huge opportunity but the use of Burmese as the official language of Myanmar can make it impossible for non native speakers to understand even the most basic document. This means that it is vital for both the Myanmar parties and the English speaking parties to have properly translated financial documents so that both sides are fully aware of their rights and obligations in the enterprise that is being put together. We can provide fast inexpensive Myanmar to English and English to Myanmar translations and deliver them digitally so that negotiations can proceed without undue delay.

We have extensive experience in translating all types of financial documents and can translate English to Burmese accurately and quickly. It is important when translating financial documents to preserve the format or to use an approved translation format so that the receiving authority will be certain that the translation accurately reflects the original. This can be very important and in some circumstances documents that are not professionally translated or poorly translated are rejected. This can add expense and time to the financial process and should be considered when selecting the English to Burmese translator that you will use.

Game Translation and Localization
The Myanmar communications infrastructure is being rapidly upgraded and the use of cell phones has become common. The availability of inexpensive smart phones imported from China in great quantity is the main way that people in Myanmar communicate. The upgrading of data services making the internet available using mobile devices continues in the city and urban areas.

We can help you to localize an existing game or a game that is in development with our professional English to Burmese translators. The huge potential market of 60 million people is likely to prove to be similar to the Thai market where there are 1.3 phones per person.

Myanmar: Its Language and People
The former country of Burma is now the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and it sits between Thailand, China, Laos, India and Bangladesh. It has a very under develop economy because of the long running civil war and Military regime previously running the country. It currently only has a GDP of $51.92 billion ($1500 per capita). The resources in the country have seen many companies around the world look at potential investments in the country. The historical sites, cultural heritages and undeveloped natural environment make it a major attraction to tourists.

The official Burmese language is native to the Bamar which are about two thirds of the population. The Shan, Karen and Rakhine Ethnic groups make the bulk of the rest of the Burmese population. Burmese closest related language is Tibetan.

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