PoliLingua offers professional Bulgarian translation services for clients large and small, in corporate, government and private sectors. We have in operation since 2002 and learnt to provide friendly first-class translation service and demonstrate in-depth understanding of the project requirements whether you need Bulgarian to English or English to Bulgarian translation. In fact, we can translate Bulgarian into any other European language.

No matter what is your Bulgarian translation need, we have done it all. From certified Bulgarian translation of birth, death and marriage certificates to business contracts, invoices, reports and correspondence, Polilingua can handle the most challenging translation project and provide quality translation service of documents of any kind:

  • legal, financial, medical or technical documents and reports
  • user manuals
  • literary texts
  • business reports and contracts
  • invoices and statements
  • instruction manuals
  • advertising brochures and outlets
  • catalogues
  • websites, etc.

We understand the importance of having only the native speaker translator handling the texts. Native speakers have a deep level of understanding of subtle language differences and posses a natural familiarity with culture, history and peculiarities of the target language. This is why all our Bulgarian translators are native speakers each with a degree in linguistics.

Following several complex and large translation projects we have implemented quality assurance procedures which our project managers are guided by to monitor the progress of each translation project and ensure quality translation service are delivered at all times.

For increased efficiency our Bulgarian translators are using the computer assisted tools or CAT tools, such as Trados, Poedit, Wordfast and others which have proven to provide genuine support to achieve terminology accuracy, particularly in highly specialized industry areas where the translation knows no room for error:

  • Automotive Translation
  • Medical Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • IT Translation
  • Gaming Translation
  • Gambling Translation

Country & Language Profile
The Republic of Bulgaria is situated in Southeastern Europe, on the historical crossroads dividing various civilizations and cultures. During ancient times, Thracians lived here, then later Greeks, Romans. Bulgarian Empire was formed in Middle Ages and became an important hub for Slavic peoples. Bulgaria became an independent state in 1908 following The Russo-Turkish War which saw the end of Ottoman rule in Bulgaria, which lasted for nearly five centuries. After World War it became a Socialist state was ruled by communist party until 1989. Today, with population of over 7 million people, Bulgaria is a democratic country with highly industrialized market economy; it is also a member-state of European Union and NATO.

Bulgarian belongs to Slavic language group, with Macedonian being the most close related to it language. The estimations suggest there are over 9 million native speakers in the world. Bulgarian alphabet is based on Cyrillic script. There are several dialects of Bulgarian spoken throughout the country and it is officially recognized minority language in Serbia, Romania and Ukraine. In Bulgaria nodding has a completely reverse meaning than in the rest of the world and signifies ‘no’.