Global Reach, Local Impact: Tailored Romanian Translations by PoliLingua

Global Reach, Local Impact: Tailored Romanian Translations by PoliLingua

Tatiana Osoblivaia


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Extend your global reach and make a local impact with PoliLingua's tailored Romanian translation services. Navigate seamlessly through Romania, Moldova, diaspora communities, and beyond, ensuring effective communication in the language spoken by millions.


General Romanian Translations

We have experience translating a wide range of general documents, from articles and books to letters, personal documents, and more. Our Romanian translators will render the original meaning and style accurately, adapting to the dialect and tone of each text.

Legal Romanian Translations - Legal translation requires specific skills, so texts containing legal terminology must be translated by experts. At PoliLingua we offer legal translations such as contracts, deeds, declarations, regulations, patents, and other legal documents. Our translators are equipped with terminology databases and, of course, translation memories to be able to use correct legal terminology depending on the context.

Financial Romanian translations - We handle translations of annual financial reports, accounting analyses, market analyses, and other complex financial texts. If you need to translate annual financial reports then PoliLingua can provide you with Romanian translators who are familiar with the field and have the necessary skills to translate in the shortest possible time. Moreover, we can keep your project in our in-house software, and each year translate only the updates of the documents, thus saving budget and the texts will have the same consistency and accuracy throughout your collaboration with PoliLingua.

Medical Romanian translations - Our specialists translate various medical documents such as clinical trials, medical reports, leaflets, patient guides, medical reviews, and more.

Technical Romanian Translations - We provide translations of manuals, documentation, technical specifications, and other materials for companies in fields such as IT, engineering, chemistry, pharmacy, and others. Our translators are selected depending on the source language and target language, and the industry in which they have expertise. Each professional translator specializes in specific industries. Rarely could a translator with translation experience in the chemical field translate a document in the IT field with the same success? Each niche has its native professional translators.

Marketing Romanian Translations - We help companies adapt their marketing materials for Romanian markets. We translate websites, brochures, press releases, advertising campaigns, social media content, and more.

Website Romanian Translations - We offer translations and localization of websites into and from Romanian at the best rates. In a world where technology is advancing every day, PoliLingua can provide fast website content translation solutions. Any business that wants to reach as many target audiences as possible needs multilingual content. Thus, PoliLingua comes to the rescue with the adaptation of content to the target culture.

Legalized Romanian Translations - We employ certified Romanian translators who can provide certified and authorized translations of official documents from Romanian into other languages and vice versa. With a global network of native translators and a rigorous quality control process, PoliLingua guarantees accuracy, terminological consistency, and adherence to deadlines. Our translations always meet client and project requirements.

Romanian Software localization - We can localize software, mobile apps, online tools, and platforms in Romanian. We make the necessary technical and linguistic adaptations.

Romanian Audio-video Translations - Our audio-video translation services include subtitling, voice-over, and dubbing. We translate and adapt films, videos, online courses, apps, and other media materials. At the moment, a fairly niche market is the launch of courses on various topics online. PoliLingua comes up with the solution to translate, subtitle, and localize these courses so that you have access to the widest possible audience to sell your services.

Romanian Interpreting - Our professional interpreters provide interpreting services at events, conferences, business meetings, and for other purposes. We can provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services.


Guaranteed Quality

PoliLingua is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality standards. We implement a rigorous quality control process that includes:

  • Careful selection of translators based on their proven experience
  • Use of advanced CAT tools for increased productivity
  • Editing by a second native translator to check the accuracy
  • Proofreading by translator and project manager, who checks terminology, style, and consistency
  • Timely response to client feedback
  • On-time delivery of all projects



The Simple Process of Obtaining a Romanian Translation

To get a free quote for your Romanian translations, just follow a few simple steps:

  • Document Upload - Go to our contact form on our website and upload the document you want to translate into Romanian or from Romanian into other languages. The document can be in any format - text, PDF file, Word document, etc.
  • Specify Details - In the form, specify the field, the desired deadline, and any additional information for managing your project.
  • Get a Free Quote - Once you have submitted your document and project details, our managers will prepare a free quote for your translation.
  • Offer Approval - If our offer meets your expectations, simply inform the contact person and they will get back to you with all the necessary details to start the translation process as soon as possible.
  • Translation and Verification - Every translation goes through a rigorous verification process. First, the translator proofreads the translated document, then the project manager checks for any oversights, misuse of figures, or any other human error.  
  • Delivery of the Translation - Once the translation is completed, we will deliver the translated document in the desired format. PoliLingua ensures that deadlines are met and that translations are delivered promptly, always taking into account the delivery deadline requested by the client.


The client is always PoliLingua's top priority. We are committed to providing prompt, professional, and confidential service for every translation project, both into Romanian and other languages.

Do not hesitate to contact the PoliLingua team for your Romanian translations, quickly carried out by expert native translators. When you localize your content you have the opportunity to expand your business globally and reach new clients and partners around the world.



Our translations are performed by translators carefully selected to align with the subject matter and content of your project. They meet and exceed international quality standards. Upon request, we will provide you with a certificate attesting to the precision of our translations