Transcription of telephone interview


The University of Hildesheim is University in Germany that became a foundation in 2003. Its main faculties and departments are lecturing in such subjects as cultural and social sciences, communication and informational disciplines. With around 5000 students, it is a relatively small university, however due to the nature of its humanitarian focus and new fields like Professional Communication, International Communication and Translation it enjoys a solid presence of international students.


University’s main pedagogic point of activity determines its interest in social organizations and movements promoting social change. The work involved the transcription of three-hour interview-like telephone conversation in Brazilian Portuguese, German and English with insiders of the prominent organization advocating social change World Social Forum, who shared some insights about the activity of the group, information about upcoming events and plans for the future.


The final document of transcribed audio contained around 38,884 words (13,584 in German, 5,500 in English, and 20,000 in Brazilian Portuguese) and included special time markups (timestamps) distinguishing each 30 seconds of speech for easy reference. Our transcribers were able to deal with the vocabulary challenges of this project terminology by accessing several related webpages that proved helpful achieving 100% transcription accuracy we always aim for at Polilingua.