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The Uyghur language is spoken throughout the region but centered on the Uyghur autonomous region, Xinjiang in the Western part of China. The area is continuing to be developed and has several border economic cooperation areas that are helping to facilitate trade with the countries that border this area.
The increase in tourism, business and mining has seen the need for professional Uyghur translator services to rapidly expand. The region’s largest ethnic group is the Uyghur’s and the regions official languages include the Uyghur language in its written and verbal forms. This extends to government services, business and the court system.
This Turkic language is spoken in bordering countries with significant populations in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Because of the extensive television, radio and printed media and its similarities to many other languages used by other ethnic groups in the region it has become a common language that is used to communicate socially and in business endeavors.

Medical Translation
If you need high quality medical translation then our great team of Uyghur language translation specialists can ensure that your information, records and documents are accurately and completely translated. This is a specialist field and it is important to know that the people doing this important translation work are properly trained in medical terminology. The highly technical terms that are used need to properly transcribed to ensure that your records accurately reflect your medical state. Improperly translated medical documents make the information they contain worthless. We completely understand this and ensure only properly qualified and experienced translators work on these vital documents.
It is common for many countries to require medical information be supplied as part of the Visa approval process. We can quickly produce fully authenticated translations that meet the requirements of the government you are making the application with. The reasonable pricing and fast turnaround times will ensure you are not held up waiting for translated documents to be able to travel. We are experienced in translating documents such as:

  • Medical records
  • Treatment information
  • Medical product information
  • Medical clearance translations
  • Insurance claim translation

Website Translation and Localization
The huge increase in the number of people that are able to access the internet has meant that new markets are being opened up. This works both ways with new ideas, business and products being shown to the world market and websites and products that are already available being customized to specific markets.
The Uyghur speaking market is rapidly increasing in wealth and access to the internet. This means that addressing the market directly using a website can be an effective and low cost way to address this group of people. We have English to Uyghur translation specialists that can help you to convert your existing English website to directly address the Uyghur speaking population. This includes the interactive parts of the website such as buttons and labels and the content of the website.
Website content is one of the most important parts of any business. It is what gains the attention of the person viewing the website and encourages them to become a customer or client. Product descriptions, articles and blogs can be translated quickly and at a cost that makes it affordable and we also handle:

  • New websites
  • Existing websites
  • Ongoing content translation
  • Fast website translation
  • English to Uyghur websites

Authorized Translations
If you need authorized documents that involve Uyghur language translation then we can help you. It is common for many countries that you are traveling to, moving to or are going to be working in to need authorized translations of your identity, financial and relationship documents for them to be accepted.
Our fast and efficient Uyghur translators will process your documents quickly providing authorized translations to you properly stamped. When you have high quality documents that are from a well respected translation service then this will help to have your application dealt with quickly. A poor translation can invite extra checks slowing down the process and making officials suspicious. Let us handle your:

  • Visa documents
  • Work documents
  • Court documents
  • Contracts
  • Marriage certificates

Uyghur Language and People
The region is very high in mineral wealth including oil, gas and coal industries that are being rapidly expanded. The language has a long history and can trace its roots back more than 1000 years. It is the native tongue of more than 10 million people and as a trade language by many of the minorities in the region. The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Area has a GDP of about $3000 per capita but there is wide variation, with the Southern area being less developed than the Northern area.

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