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The Urdu language is one of two official languages in Pakistan is also an official state language in many parts of India and is used in Bangladesh where it is known as Bihari and Nepal. The Urdu language and Hindi are mutually intelligible and are classified by many linguists as the same language. Urdu uses Arabic script while Hindi uses Devanagari script.
The Urdu language in Pakistan has a very low percentage (less than 10%) of people that classify it as their native language. The use of it as a compulsory language in education has made it the bridging language between the many different local languages spoken in Pakistan. It is the language that is used in official documents, courts, education and in most businesses. This has seen an increasing need for English to Urdu translation for people that are traveling or doing business in Pakistan.

Legal Translation
The legal system in Pakistan is based on the Urdu language and it can be difficult accessing the courts without being able to properly access Urdu translations. We can speedily and accurately provide translations so that you can lodge translated documents and also understand any documents or statements that have been given to you in Urdu.
It is important to lodge legal documents correctly and by using our high quality translations you can be assured that the translated documents accurately reflect the letter and the meaning of the source documents. Our Urdu translator team is skilled in both languages and able to properly and accurately translate the meaning that legal documents are trying to impart. This is a skill that many word by word and phrase by phrase translators cannot deliver.

  • Court documents
  • Licensing documents
  • Infringement notices
  • Statements
  • Judgments
  • Contract translations

Software Localization
The huge base of people in Pakistan and India that can read and write Urdu and this has made it a popular target for software localization. While Hindi and Urdu can be understood by many people when spoken they have no similarities when written. This makes it an ideal way to make software usable by an estimated 100 million people around the world that use Urdu. This opens a huge market to existing software products that can normally be quickly redeveloped to operate in Urdu.
Our specialist Urdu language translator team can quickly work through the project and depending on the timetable and size can deliver in stages or as a fully completed project. This is a low cost way of substantially increasing the potential market for your software product.
If you have an Urdu language product that you would also like to appeal to the wider English speaking market we can also help you. We can supply quality Urdu to English translations that will give your software the best chance of being sold in this lucrative market.

  • Translating existing software
  • Developing new software
  • Specialist software
  • Financial software
  • Accounting software
  • Server software

Authorized Translations
If you need authorized translations in the Urdu language we can take your source documents and process them efficiently and accurately. We offer the highest quality English to Urdu sentence translation. Our competitive pricing and quick turnaround are two great reasons to try our service our superior quality will make sure that we are used for all your Urdu translation needs.
Our high quality Urdu to English translation service can help you obtain the necessary authorized translations that many countries require when travelling or doing business overseas. It is vital that you use authorized translations from recognized sources as this will speed the time of processing and stop any delays caused by improperly translated documents.

  • Education and Vocational certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Travel documents
  • Reference documents
  • Financial documents
  • Employment documents

The Urdu Language and People
This is a version of Hindustani that many Muslims in India used prior to the independence of Pakistan. It continues to be an official language in five states of India. It was chosen as the official language of Pakistan because of the need for a common language. It has fulfilled this and is almost universally understood even if it is a second or third language.
The estimate 100 million people that regularly use Urdu and the 400 million that use the very similar Hindi make a block of half a billion people that speak the same language. This makes it the fourth most spoken language in world.

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