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Aspiring to achieve excellent results, but linguistic impediments stand in your way? With PoliLingua’s Tamil language translation services, you are off the hook. Suitably qualified translators with a keen eye for detail have passed a rigorous selection in order to provide high-quality linguistic services adapted to your specific needs. Whether you want to translate from English to Tamil or from Tamil to English, our team of versatile experts is ready to put into practice valuable knowledge in conjunction with cutting-edge instruments to attain the highest standard. Computer-assisted translation software and CAT tools used by our professionals allow for better understanding and an increased level of accuracy throughout the translation process.This kind of approach defines our core values meant to manage complex processes generating flawless results always delivered on time.

Tamil Medical Translation Services
Achieving clinical safety and quality implies delivering important information properly adapted to several languages. When sorting out a medical instruction or running a survey, a professional Tamil translator should combine a high command of the language and the capacity to manage specific tools in order to convey the meaning faithfully. The terminology widely used in the field has to be handled with professionalism and accuracy. Translators thoroughly screened work in special teams divided according to the knowledge possessed by the Tamil language translator. Clinical surveys, medical instructions, insurance forms, and other health-related documents are managed with expertise by our trained linguists.
Our medical translation services include:

Tamil Certified Translation
Working with official institutions abroad oftentimes requires certified translation. For example, you want to apply for college or university overseas, a certified translation of your degree or diploma is required. In order to be approved by the other country, professional Tamil translation is mandatory. In this case, our translation agency is at your disposal with a knowledgeable team with proven experience in a broad range of sectors. Proven methods and a multistage quality system will be applied for your source material in order to achieve excellent results. Moreover, we don’t miss out the details which describe the culture of the language we translate in. PoliLingua will assist you properly in translating from Tamil to English or the other way around various types of documents:

Country and language profile
Tamil is one of the official languages in Tamil Nadu (which is part of India), in Sri Lanka and in Singapore. The language is preponderantly spoken by the Tamil people in South Asia, being considered a dravidian language. The overall speakers constitutes 68 million people.
There’s an independent state named Tamil located in Sri Lanka, where tamil people represent the majority.

According to linguists, such as Bhadriraju Krishnamurti, Tamil, as a dravidian language, descends from Proto-Dravidian, a proto-language. The dravidian language used to be one of the languages of education in Malaysia, along with English, Malay and Mandarin. Tamil also enjoys a wide use in other South Indian states of Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and the Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
Amongst the classical languages, Tamil is known for being one of the longest-surviving languages in the world. Due to its voluminous and various preserved collection of literature, the language is being considered “one of the great classical traditions and literature in the world.” Tamil literature dates since around 300 BC - AD 300, described as “the only language of contemporary India which is recognizably continuous with a classical past.”

Tamil occupies a special place in the history of the country, being used for archeological surveys and discovered in the two earliest manuscripts from India, which has been recognized and registered by the UNESCO Memory of the World in 1997 and 2005.
Moreover, there are records of Tamil being the first Indian language in a printed and published form. The earliest dictionary and numerous daily newspapers were published in Tamil.
There’s an old legend saying that Tamil, represented by Mother Tamil, has been delivered to people by Lord Shiva and Agastya.

The modern Tamil has suffered several modifications, mainly inherited from European languages. For instance, consonants clusters which do not describe the Middle Tamil style, have been introduced due to the contact with European languages. Influences in terms of punctuation have been observed as well. Changes in the syntax of written Tamil have also been noticed, as a result of the introduction of more sophisticated sentence structure, inspired by the English style.

Tamil speakers are considered one of the biggest and oldest extant ethnolinguistic groups in the modern world.
Despite the presence of many religions, there are two main festivals widely celebrated by the Tamil population. The first one, named Pongal, is a harvest festival which takes place in the middle of January, and the second, called The Tamil New Year, is celebrated on 14 April. Besides, a variety of other festivals are welcomed in several districts. Amongst them, Deepavali, enjoys the presence of fanfare.
The Tamil people also run various martial traditions, such as Kuttu Varisai, Varma Kalai, Silambam, Adithada, Malyutham and Kalaripayattu, most of them being practiced in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The traditions imply yoga, meditation and breathing exercises in the initial phase of the training. The practices date since the early Sangam age, when war was venerated while heroes and kings received a great deal of respect and glorification though the creation of hero stones designated for each of them. Horse riding, martial arts and the use of weapons were mandatory routines for warriors. Moreover, forms of martial suicide, similar to Japanese samurai traditions, are mentioned in the old Tamil literature. Tamil culture is known for being the first people who cultivated rice, which is still one of the main dishes from the Tamil cuisine.

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