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This area was part of Czechoslovakia and peacefully seceded in 1992 after the fall of communism. It continues to have strong relations with its neighbors and quickly invigorated the Soviet era economy joining the European Union and later adopting the Euro as its currency. The huge growth in the economy and improved living standards has made the Slovak Republic a favorite destination for foreign capital.
The relatively low wages and competitive tax rates have attracted many foreign manufacturing and financial service companies. The workforce has a high standard of education allowing the Slovakian economy to be heavily diversified. It is important to be able to have high quality Slovak translations available to make the most of opportunities in the Slovak Republic. Tourism is expanding with a solid base of tourism from its near neighbors being built on by increased opportunities from international travelers. The safe and inexpensive attractions of Slovakia’s natural features and historical sites continue to attract increased tourism.

Certified Translations
The expansion of foreign interest and investment has increased the need for the use of certified Slovak translators. We have a strong team of translators that can provide certified translations to you that are of the highest quality and properly certified. It is important when selection a translation service that they have the professional people available to quickly process work. We have a team of experts that are fully conversant in Slovak and English and can provide certified translations without delay.
The reason that many government and official agencies require certified Slovak English translations is because they will have an assurance that the document is a full and accurate. When you use a well respected company that has a quality reputation then the accepting authority is happy to accept the documents without needing to check translations and authenticity that can delay the process. Poor translations can attract extra scrutiny unfairly and can even lead to the need to re-submit documents. We always use fully trained and properly experienced translators so that you can have absolute confidence in certified translations that you submit from our service.

  • Immigration documents
  • Visa applications
  • Marriage certificates
  • Ownership documents
  • Contracts

Website Translation and Localization
The use of the internet has become almost ubiquitous with the need for computers being replaced by low cost high quality pad devices and smart phones. This has brought the ability to view websites for knowledge and to purchase goods and services within the reach of almost everyone. This presents opportunities to target new markets by using translation services to target new markets. We can provide English to Slovak translation services that will allow an English based website to quickly target the Slovakian market. Our experienced personnel understand the need to bring the feel and intent of a website across not just the words. This means that the website will have the same feel and message to attract viewers and customers to your product or service.
We have extensive experience in providing quality translated website content including:

  • Language specific landing pages
  • Product description translation
  • Sales content translation
  • Website buttons and menus
  • Blogs and article translation

Technical Translations
The diverse high quality manufacturing base in Slovakia provides many opportunities to introduce your products to the combined EU market using the Slovak Republic as your manufacturing base. We can help you to train the local workforce by translating English to Slovak so that you can use your existing training regime and documentation as a base for your new operation.
If you are thinking of using many of the products made in Slovakia and need to provide English language materials our fast and efficient Slovak translations specialist can make sure that your job is done at the right price. We have a great deal of experience in technical translation such as:

  • Educational materials
  • Training documents
  • Specification sheets
  • User manuals
  • Production documents

The Slovak Language and Country
The Slovak Republic has a population of more than 5.5 million people and more than 80% are Ethnically Slovaks with minorities of Ethnic Hungarians and Roma. The country is considered developed and has a strong and rising GDP of more than $24,000 per capita on average.
The Czech language is very similar to the Slovak language and Rusyn and Polish are also similar in many respects. Most people can speak at least one other language including Czech, Hungarian or Rusyn.

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We use only translators carefully selected to match the subject matter and content of your project. Our translations meet and exceed international quality standards. Upon request, we will provide you with a statement which certifies the accuracy of our translations.