Slovak translation

Slovak Translation services

Slovak Translation services

Our Slovak language solution providers provide Slovak translation services for any type of Slovak translation need. Whether you're looking for Slovak marketing translations, website translations, or legal document translations, our experienced staff of professionals can handle it all. With a strong track record and vast network of top-level Slovak translators, we ensure that all our Slovak translation jobs are handled accurately and efficiently. Let PoliLongua be your go-to provider for all Slovak translation services!

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  • 850 Professional Slovak translators
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Slovak language translations of Polilingua

PoliLingua is the leading provider of Slovak language translations in the industry. Our team of Slovak linguists is experts in their field, utilizing over an impressive 20 years of experience to provide first-rate Slovak language translation services. No matter your Slovak translation needs, PoliLingua’s committed professionals are dedicated to providing a top standard of work for each and every client.

Our Slovak language translations include

Slovak language translations of Polilingua
Professional Slovak to English and English to Slovak translations

Professional Slovak to English and English to Slovak translations

PoliLingua is an established professional translation company offering reliable services in various language combinations, including Slovak-English and English-Slovak. We offer a range of expertise - from basic to complex legal and technical translations.

Our team of native speakers and accredited translators is available to ensure your translation needs are covered, providing you with accurate, on-time translations you can trust and rely on for professional use. With years of experience, our Slovak language experts are available for any project size and capable of delivering top-notch results exactly when you need them.

At our company, we understand how important it is to communicate effectively in these two languages. That's why we offer comprehensive translation services that can help you translate Slovak to English or translate English to Slovak.

Certified Slovak Translations

The expansion of foreign interest and investment has increased the need for the use of certified Slovak translators. PoliLingua has a strong team of translators that can provide certified Slovak translation services to you that are of the highest quality and properly certified. We have a team of experts that are fully conversant in Slovak, English or other languages and can provide certified translations without delay.

The reason that many government and official agencies require certified Slovak-English translations is that they will have an assurance that the document is full and accurate. When you use a well-respected company that has a quality reputation than the accepting authority is happy to accept the documents without needing to check translations and authenticity which can delay the process.

Certified Slovak Translations
Website Slovak Translations

Website Slovak Translations

Our Slovak website and SEO translation services are an excellent way to bring your business to Slovakia. Our dedicated team of experts can quickly and accurately translate webpages, allowing companies all over the world to connect with Slovak speakers. With a smooth transition between languages and full compliance with linguistic requirements, our Slovak translation and localization services make connecting with this populous and lucrative market easier than ever before.

We can provide English-to-Slovak website translation services that will allow an English-based website to quickly target the Slovakian market. Our experienced personnel understands the need to bring the feel and intent of a website across not just the words. This means that the website will have the same feel and message to attract viewers and customers to your product or service.

Slovak Technical and Manufacturing Translations

Slovak technical and manufacturing translations require a high level of skill and expertise to ensure accuracy in terms of both language and industry terminology. Our Slovak translation services guarantee professional translations that use the most accurate Slovak words while still preserving the tone and intention of the original content. Our specialized Slovak technical translation services are designed to provide clients with accurate and reliable Slovak translations into English or other languages that help them better reach their target audience.

We have a great deal of experience in Slovak technical translation such as

  • Educational materials
  • Training documents
  • Specification sheets
  • User manuals
  • Production documents
Slovak Technical and Manufacturing Translations
The Slovak Language and Country

The Slovak Language and Country

Slovak is a Slavic language spoken by over 5 million people, primarily in the Slovak Republic. Its origin can be traced back to the period between the 8th and 12th centuries when Slovaks lived in smaller-scale agricultural settlements throughout what is now known as modern-day Slovakia. Slovak developed its unique character under various influences. It was heavily influenced by Old Church Slavonic, while also maintaining the syntactic presence of Czech and Polish within its structure.

Slovak is governed by a comprehensive set of rules, which govern verbal declensions, gender distinctions, or tenses. Slovak shares mutual intelligibility with other languages of this genre like Czech, Slovakian, Sorbian and Croatian. As such, it provides Slovaks with a stronger relatedness to those cultures where these languages are dominant.

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The price of a professional Slovak translation (no machine translation!) and interpreting services depends on several factors such as volume, recurrence, and specialty area. However, the highest quality of our services remains invariably the same.

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