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PoliLingua can assist you with all your Sotho translation needs. Our Sotho translation services include everything from translations of papers to complex contracts. Accurate and professional human translations will help you to legally authorize your documents, to apply for studies, to build stable interpersonal and business relationships.
Our Sesotho translators are experts on each country they cover, is it South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana or Zimbabwe. This helps against mistranslation due to colloquial speech and fills your English to Sotho translation with far more authenticity.
We have an online form for translation project quotation that takes just a few moments to fill in. After receiving the form, our project managers will evaluate your request and come back to you with an exact quote.

Sotho Documents Translation
Our translation services cover a wide range of documents, university diplomas and certificates, passports, birth certificates, prenuptial agreements and many other. We translate all types of documents from Sotho to English and from English to Sotho.
At PoliLingua we know there is more to an excellent translation than just the language. All our Sotho to English translation projects are handled by sworn linguists, experts on each document they cover.
You can rely on us for professional and confidential Southern Sotho translations.

Sotho Medical Translation
The Southern Sotho medical translations available at PoliLingua are second to none. We translate English to Sotho and translate Sotho to English, specializing in the medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, scientific, veterinary, nutritional and cosmetic fields and have vague experience with a variety of these types of documents, as for example patents, scientific articles, patient information leaflets, clinical trial protocols and reports, package inserts, batch manufacturing and registration documents, pharmacological reviews, advertisements and promotional material.

Sotho translation

Sotho People and Language
The Sotho people are a Bantu ethnic group whose ancestors have lived in southern Africa since around the fifth century. The Sotho nation emerged from the accomplished diplomacy of Moshoeshoe I who gathered together clans of Sotho–Tswana origin that had dispersed across southern Africa in the early 19th century. Most Sotho people live in South Africa, as the area of the Orange Free State was originally part of Moshoeshoe's nation, modern-day Lesotho.

The language of the Sotho people may be referred to as Sesotho or "Southern Sotho" to differentiate it from Pedi. Sotho is the first language of 85% of Lesotho population. Nowadays Lesotho has one of Africa’s highest literacy rates with 59% of the adult population being literate in the first place.
The Sotho language is videly used in a range of educational settings both as a subject of study and as a medium of instruction. It is applied in its spoken and written forms in all the spheres of education from pre schooling to doctoral studies. It is important to mention, that most newspapers in Lesotho are written either mainly in Sesotho or in both Sesotho and English.

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We use only translators carefully selected to match the subject matter and content of your project. Our translations meet and exceed international quality standards. Upon request, we will provide you with a statement which certifies the accuracy of our translations.