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Looking for professional Samoan translation services of exquisite quality, fitted for your specific purpose? PoliLingua is more than glad to provide you with top-notch translations, managed by specialized linguists.

Why PoliLingua?
Years and years of successful experience has made possible the continual improvement of translation methodologies enforced by our competent Samoan experts. Working with various formats and striving to obtain outstanding results in the domain comes in combination with the use of efficient translation software and CAT tools, which represents a significant quality boost and allows saving time in multilingual assignments. This means that we strive towards getting great results swiftly and free of error. Besides, our translation company has devoted particular consideration to hiring professionals who possess strong skills in Samoan language and present a high level of familiarity with culture-related details. We also put considerable value on running all the multilingual procedures in complete alignment with ISO 17100:2015 certificate specifications, which serves as a supplementary guarantee of our proficiency. Our Samoan professional translators are ready to perform a full array of linguistic services for you, adjusted for diverse purposes.

Samoan Legal Translation Services
Being acquainted with the jurisdiction of both the source and the target language is a must when handling legal issues. The errands become even more challenging when faced with numerous variations specific to different countries. In order to deliver first-rate solutions, the Samoan legal linguist has to be instructed in state-related legal matters and endowed with impeccable accuracy. Needless to say, each word translated in this area places a major role in dealing with several issues of pivotal importance. PoliLingua has gathered a wealth of experience in conveying meaning from English to Samoan or from Samoan to English for wills, security cases, certificates, articles, agreements, and many more, with highly appreciated results. We can translate Samoan documents for you of numerous types:

Samoan Medical Translation Services
Dealing with medical issues abroad can cause a lot of concern. Especially when it involves the health of a loved one or surveys of critical importance. Generally, medicine presents lots of complexities, due to its multifold nature, which brings in a single discipline both art and science. This reflects directly on the requirements for a high-quality translation to be completed. The large pool of practices included in the domain, such as diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, studies, and so on, demand specific knowledge and a granular comprehension. In this context, our Samoan medical translators are well-familiarized with jargon and terminology which are implied in the linguistic tasks. Adding the fact that the field is closely intertwined with other sectors, it plays a crucial role in our daily lives. Consider transposing the meaning for a prescription. In this case, each word is of immense importance, since an intuitive rendition of the meaning is not enough. A good linguist should be acquainted with complicated notions which refer to medicine and not any translator would be proficient enough to to this. In order to ensure excellent results, our teams do their job in several stages, enjoying a wide use of cutting-edge technologies and devoting maximum attention. We have dealt with an arsenal of medical projects, including the following:

Samoan Technical Translation Services
Technological advancement and the economic sector are interlinked, incorporating various disciplines, such as scientific studies, engineering, production of goods, and so on. Therefore, the translation of the content has to be carried out by reliable experts who would confidently interpret the exact meaning, at the same time respecting internationally accepted standards. Luckily, our translation agency can thoroughly manage multiple technical translation documents for a large spectrum of projects:

Samoan Automotive Translation Services
The automotive sector doesn’t entail manufacturing only, but also design, marketing, selling, and so on. As a result, many other industries are engaged, fostering the need for specialized Samoan translation services in a variety of languages. Grasping the functional, conceptual and cultural differences also play a critical role in this field. Thus, the Samoan language translator has to understand the labor division and to be capable of developing well-entrenched procedures in order to deliver a top-rate output. Speaking about experience, PoliLingua can mention pridefully its fruitful collaborations with Toyota and Volkswagen. We offer Samoan translation services for multiple types of documents:

Country and language profile
Samoan , also known as Gagana Samoa, is the language spoken on Samoan Islands, including Samoa and the United States territory of American Samoa. It is considered the official language for both jurisdictions, besides English.

Samoan belongs to Polynisian languages and is situated on the first position as the most spoken language in Samoa Islands, which encompasses a population of approximately 246,000 people. Considering the rest of Samoan people who are located in different countries the numbers rises to 510,000 in 2015.  Samoan has its speakers in New Zealand as well, with more than 2% of the population, which constitutes 86,000 people, as registered in 2013.

There are significant variations manifested in the formal and informal speech, including ceremonial language used in oratory.

We can mention 3 main components of the Samoan cultural values, such as, faith, music and family. The tradition shelter is represented by houses, which are named fale, which can provide accommodation to 20 people. During the day, the place is used for social interaction and relaxation. For Samoan, the family is equivalent to an individual’s entire life.

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