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Are you aiming to drive your business to an increasing success or is quality solutions for your multilingual needs what you are looking for?
If Marshallese translation stands in your way, we are here to unburden your experience by providing excellent Marshallese language translation just in the blink of an eye.

We are certified with the internationally recognized standard ISO 17100:2015, which provides undeniable evidence of our professionalism. Accordingly we have tailored our translation services in a manner that suits your needs, no matter the format or the size of the project. Whether you need English to Marshallese or Marshallese to English translation, we are supplied with the most recent  tools to manage high-quality Marshallese translations. Our services include a full repertoire of translations, starting from legal documents till marketing translations, and many more. PoliLingua can pridely mention successful collaborations with reputable companies and a long-time experience reflected in millions of words translated by our team.

Marshallese website translation services
Language has the power to build bridges around the world and to open new doors for a myriad of profitable opportunities. In this regard, translating your website can render your content available to millions of potential users overseas. Accessibility of the information is directly linked to the quality of translation, especially when it implies a rare combination of languages, such as Marshallese and English. We can translate your e-commerce site, review and adjust content, select the most suitable keywords and metatags for your articles, etc. Moreover, we don’t miss out the details which describe the culture of the language we translate in. Specialized experts of our team are selected to work within the area of their knowledge. All aspects mentioned above are used in unison to create the best output for your source material.

Marshallese medical translation services
Finding yourself in a situation that requires professional medical translation can introduce a lot of stressors. Firstly, issues addressed are of critical importance. Secondly, there is no room for error. Therefore, choosing the right translation agency requires thorough documentation that would sustain the background of your trust. PoliLingua is the master of the domain and our team is very familiar with the terms of the discipline in question. Our agents have proven their unparalleled ability to deal with specialized translation, confidently using an advanced management system, with a special concern for accuracy and correctness. Whether it is a simple medical appointment or a health assessment survey, we guarantee high-quality translation with delivery on time.

The services we offer in medical translation:

  • Patient surveys
  • Datasheets
  • Package inserts
  • Label translations
  • Medical devices documentation
  • Approval documents
  • Insurance forms
  • Pharmaceutical catalogues, and many more.

Marshallese technical translation services
Professional translations are a requirement for technical documentation. Especially when the world is constantly evolving technologically and competitiveness sustains its central position  in the marketplace. Along with technological progress, the standard of quality in the translation industry meets new demands. When dealing with technical translation, the challenge that the Marshallese language translator is faced with lies in the accuracy that should be involved along the process and the capability to adjust the translation to the specificity of the culture. Our team pridely possesses professional knowledge and dexterity needed in order to smooth the hurdles, ensuring best results. The qualification in a wide range of disciplines makes possible Marshallese translation of almost any type:

  • Patents translations
  • Equipment instructions translations
  • Engineering processes translations
  • User manuals translations
  • Technical instructions translations
  • Consumer products translations
  • Light machinery translations
  • Household appliance manufacturers translations
  • Professional products translations, and many more.

Marshallese legal translation services
In order to gather together the best minds suited for legal issues, our vendor managers have given particular consideration to the selection of translators who feel at home when dealing with legal terms. Our large pool of qualified translators includes a team of linguists with a high command of Marshallese language who master official documents with professionalism and accuracy. Whether you are trying to purchase a property overseas or dealing with bureaucratic issues aboad, PoliLingua can expertly solve all your translation challenges.

We can supply Marshallese legal translation services for a vast range of documents:

  • Acquisition agreements
  • Document identification
  • Document management
  • Court reporting
  • Transcription services
  • Employment contracts
  • Commercial contracts
  • Wills
  • Court document and evidence translation
  • Rent and hire agreements
  • Court interpreting
  • Audio translation
  • Sworn translation, and many more.

Country and language profile
Marshallese, which is also known as Ebon,  is one of the official languages spoken in the Marshall Islands and is divided into two dialects: Ralik (western) and Ratak (eastern). The language is spoken by approximately 44,000 people, but it is also widely used in Nauru and other places in the United States.  Marshallese is a member of Micronesia languages and it is related to Polynesian languages, such as Tongan and Samoan. However, it has much more in common with less popular languages of Micronesia, such as Kiribati and Chuukese.

The history of spoken Marshallese language dates since the arrival of the first explorers in 1520. As a consequence, the language has been influenced by Spanish, German, Japanese and Englsih. However, the impact of the contact with the west has been reflected solely on vocabulary, while the lexical and phonetic features haven’t been altered.
The existence of dialects represents the result of division between the Marshall Islands, which encompasses 34 atolls. The difference between the dialects is reflected mostly on lexical structure. On a phonetic level, the distinctions manifest in the pronunciation of double consonants. For instance, the Ratak dialect ads a vowel to separate the consonants, while Ralik inserts a vowel before the consonants.
When dealing with Marshallese translation, several challenges show up along the way. The difficulties arise due to the scarcity of terms regarding official matters. This happened as a result of  the language being passed down from generation to generation mostly verbally.
Nowadays, Marshallese indicates a wide use, being one of the most spoken languages amongst Microneisan languages. Regarding the publishing record, a dictionary and at least two Bibles have been translated in Marshallese.

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