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Javanese is the language of the Javanese people from the central and eastern parts of the island of Java, in Indonesia. There are also pockets of Javanese speakers in the northern coast of western Java. It is the native language of more than 98 million people.
It is one of the Austronesian languages, but it is not particularly close to other languages and is difficult to classify. Its closest relatives are the neighboring languages such as Sundanese, Madurese and Balinese. Most speakers of Javanese also speak Indonesian, the standardized form of Malay spoken in Indonesia, for official and commercial purposes as well as a means to communicate with non-Javanese speaking Indonesians.

The expansion of Javanese culture, including Javanese script and language, began in 1293 with the eastward push of the Hindu–Buddhist East-Javanese Empire Majapahit, toward Madura and Bali. The Javanese campaign in Bali in 1363 had a deep and lasting impact, and Javanese replaced Balinese as the language of administration and literature. 

PoliLingua's Javanese Medical Translation
PoliLingua has wide experience in Javanese to English medical translation and interpretation. Our professional native Javanese linguists, that have a strong background in health care, are able to handle any medical related materials, prescriptions, hospital summaries, reports, instructions for use (IFU), quality of life measures (QoL), pharmacological studies, and medical equipment user manuals. All our medical projects are accomplished to the highest standards by a great, dedicate and experienced team.
For more than 13 years we have been helping Doctors clinical research organizations (CROs) and pharmaceutical companies to communicate their messages to local population and business.

Javanese Business Translation
PoliLingua offers high-quality business translation, transcription, and interpretation services for Javanese-speaking markets. We know that adapting an advertising campaign, slogan, claims or bandwagon material requires a professional linguist, experienced in crafting sales and marketing messages relevant to each Javanese-speaking region.
Accuracy and meticulosity are the top priorities for PoliLingua's Javanese translators and project managers. Every day our project management team, translators and interpreters work without fail to the deadlines set through the course of their projects.

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