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The country of Iceland is relatively small and has a small population that is centered on its capital city, Reykjavik. It is highly developed and its citizens enjoy a very high standard of living. The official language of Iceland is Icelandic and the need for Icelandic translation services is rapidly increasing as the Icelandic economy recovers after the 2008 economic unsettlement. The economy is underpinned by the availability of geothermal power and the fishing industry, but the government has diversified the economy and invested in tourism and manufacturing. These factors, along with Iceland’s membership of the European Economic Area, are contributing to rapid growth in the business sector. The unique opportunities and the ongoing litigation of the banking sector collapse are the largest areas that use our Icelandic translation service. We can help you with quality legal translations that are vital for ongoing litigation. Certified translations may also be needed as well as financial translations and our wide experience means that you can use our services to do all of these translation jobs and more.

Legal Translations
The need for quality Icelandic language translation for people using the Icelandic system is an area that our hard working team specializes in. We are able to take legal documents in Icelandic or English and accurately and efficiently translate them for you. We fully understand that timely translation is needed, we make certain that we meet any deadlines that we have agreed to so that you can be confident of having the job finished when you need it. Our trusted team of professional translators understands the need to keep the contents of any document that they translate confidential. We provide a fully secure work environment so that you can have absolute certainty that the original documents, work product and translated documents cannot be exported, viewed or copied except by authorized personnel. We offer translation both to and from Icelandic so that you are able to translate in both directions using our service. This allows us to offer you a complete service that saves you from having to send documents to different services. This will save you money and also simplify billing arrangements.

Certified Translations
The need for certified translation of documents has increased with Governments, Educational institutions, Courts and some business requiring them as part of any process. We can provide properly certified and translated documents for you so that you are able to meet these requirements. Our team of Icelandic to English translation specialists can provide certified documents in English for your use that are turned around quickly and are priced appropriately so that you are not paying the inflated prices that other companies propose for being able to certify the documents. English to Icelandic translation including certification is also available and may be needed when dealing with the Icelandic government and agencies. This is common in court cases, when marrying as a foreigner in Iceland and in some financial transactions. We can quickly take care of any documents that need translation and certification and it does not take significantly longer than non certified translations.


Financial Translations
The ongoing fallout from the global financial crisis and the continuing push by the Icelandic government to expand and diversify the economy has meant there is an ongoing need for Icelandic language translation in the financial sector. These translations need to be painstakingly checked so that they both translate the words and intent that are contained in financial documents. You can be assured that when we are handed financial documents they will be translated in a timely manner so that you are not waiting on translations to complete a deal. Experience is the number one factor in providing financial translations that are mistake free and properly convey the intent in the source documents. Our team of Icelandic translators has this experience and will provide quality translations every time.

Iceland and its Language
This island nation has been closely related to several countries in the region. The language is descended from Old Norse but has retained many traditional features that other Old Norse languages have lost. The alphabet is Latin script based but has 31 letters and has a lower and upper case.
The Icelandic language has its own words for many modern items and there is an official body that is charged with keeping the language pure. There are historical documents, some of which date back nearly one thousand years, that are written in Old Icelandic.

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