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Are you in search for professional Crioulo translation services? Do you strive to reach global markets with high-quality content that feels natively written? If this is your case, we are more than glad to help you with your translation.

PoliLingua is the agency that proved the necessary ability, talent and experience during a significant period of time, writing inestimable numbers of pages of quality output for various reputable companies. Quality results continue to be the unquestionable proof of our professionalism in providing translation services. Latest methods, qualified translators and assiduous practice have been added to the recipe of our performance to accomplish the best results for our clients. Should you need to translate from Crioulo to English, or from English to Crioulo, let it be our task and see how easily we can convert your material into another success story.

Our full-service translation company is certified with ISO 17100:2015,  which is an internationally recognized standard that serves as indisputable evidence of our proficiency. Consistency is our key for flawless results. We are specialized in a wide range of services.

Crioulo Game Translation Services
Do you seek to transcend the boundaries of language and culture by providing the best experience for international gamers? PoliLingua can serve your purpose with an excellent performance as a long-standing collaborator in the industry. The ever-increasing level of globalization which goes hand in hand with the spike of game industry determines a boost in demand for experienced translators. The complexity of the industry comes along with an arsenal of specific aspects which might render the translation process more difficult. A subtle understanding of cultural nuances and the capacity to replicate intended emotions must be included in the skill set of the creole translator.

Whether you need to display various in-game characters or looking for professional multilingual voice-over, our translation agency will apply its perfected methods to adjust your game for any particular market. We can handle games of all types, ranging from PC to mobile, no matter the format or genre. Moreover, our team of Crioulo language translators are versed in the knowledge required for games, possessing a perfect command of specific jargon. Due to the selection of native speakers the message will be conveyed faithfully, evoking the same emotions and intent of the game. Plus, we will meet all the relevant legislation code. As a result, players will enjoy the game as if it was written in their mother tongue.
We can provide cape verdean creole translations for you various types of material:

  • Website translation
  • Voice-over
  • Posters
  • Store description
  • Content import and export
  • API automation, and many more.

Crioulo Automotive Translation Services
Automotive industry is a globally developed sector driven by its overarching mission to reach wider audiences and markets. Its complex infrastructure and fast-paced development dictates the trend in multiple areas in economy, increasing the need for professional translators confidently grounded in the field of their expertise. Understanding functional, conceptual, and also cultural differences between countries is paramount when complying with specific requirements of the industry. The takeover of the Crioulo language translator is bound to mean a high command of the language in question, an impeccable understanding of the specific terminology and absolute commitment to the quality.

The multiple levels of service implied by the industry encompasses engineering, aviation, automotive, and other areas for which conformity in meeting the applicable specifications and working to international standards represents mandatory requisite. PoliLingua is proud to have included Toyota and Volkswagen among its clients. We have developed efficient solutions for your Crioulo language translations in the automotive industry by applying a rigorous selection of tested linguists, putting an emphasis on the capacity to handle complex terminology with high accuracy and a deep sense of responsibility. The multi-step process is accompanied by the use of cutting-edge tools, in order to avoid distorting the message.

With our perfected automotive translation services all the technically complex aspects regarding your car, motorbike or truck will be managed with guaranteed professionalism.
We can translate for you from Crioulo to English or other languages several types of documents:

  • Technical documents
  • Business materials
  • Catalogues
  • Machine translation
  • Voice overs for product presentations
  • Marketing translation
  • Product packaging translation, and many more.

Language and country profile
Crioulo is a cape verdean language considered one of the oldest languages from the Portuguese creole family,  However Portuguese is considered the official language of Cape Verde, widely used for formal matters, Creolo enjoys a widespread use amongst the inhabitants of the island. The language is generally divided into two major dialects: Sotavento and Barlavento. There was a lot of fuss on  legitimization and regularization of the language orthography in a dictionary and in schools.


Cape Verde, also named Cabo Verde, encompasses numerous islands situated 385 miles off the west coast of Africa. Praia, the capital, is located in Santiago. The biggest port has been attributed to the area of Sao Vicente. The importance of the harbor lies in the hefty vessels which provided prolific conditions for setting up a fuel station since the 19th century. The archipelago is divided into the Barlavento (Windward) situated to the north and the Sotavento (Leeward) on the south. Half of the territory is uninhabited. Due to frequent watercourses in the islands, which often undergo seasonal rains, cyclical drought, and chronic water shortages, significant damages take place, causing water erosion, flooding, and the destruction of containment dams. Besides, agricultural issues are generated as a result of the volcanic characteristics of the soil, which doesn’t sustain the growth of a variety of plants. In order to sustain the practice of cultivating the soil, several campaign has been organized, encouraging reforestation.

A substantial part of the population is represented by mixed European and African descent and is often referred to as mestico or Crioulo.
Amongst the practiced traditions, the influence of Africans is the most present. For instance, the celebration of saints days are marked by rituals with drumming, processionals, masks, and dancing in African styles, particularly on Santiago.
The economy of the region is mostly based on commerce, trade, transport, and public services. The income gained from the country’s international airports, emigrants remittances, and tourism, which is driving increasingly higher, enables the balance of payments to stay generally positive.

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