The need for a top quality Catalan translation service is always in high demand. An experienced and dedicated team of professional catalan translators awaits you at Polilingua. Our service is by far and away one of the very best you can find.

PoliLingua provides high quality, professional Catalan translations. Our Catalan translation services will help you improve your global strategy.
Our team comprises entirely of native speakers who are equally able to translate Catalan to English or provide and English to Catalan translation. Our service specializes in many kinds of translations, including, but not limited to:

Legal Translation
Because of the serious and complex nature of legal translations, we understand the need to be very precise in our translation of legal documents, whether they are from English to Catalan or the other way around. Each case will be assigned an experienced, native Catalan translator who will personally ensure the meaning of the text is not lost in the transition from one language to the next. Legal documents are filled with technical and finely-worded clauses, none of which will be left unnoticed when you work with our team. We realise the documents must hold up in a court of law, and therefore every care is taken to ensure the accuracy and clarity of these translations.
We are very proud of the quality of our legal translations, and some examples of legal documents that we commonly translate include:

  • Divorce and Separation Documents
  • Health and Medical Contracts
  • Real Estate Contracts
  • Small and Corporate Business Contracts
  • Small Claims and Litigation
  • Immigration Documents
  • Wills and Estate Planning
  • Intellectual Property Agreements

Software Localization
We offer a high-precision software localization service between the English / Catalan language pair. The process of adapting a piece of software to the target market’s language, culture and technical requirements needs a high level of attention and testing, for which our team is superbly capable.
Software localizations are often performed while the product is still in it’s development phase, in contrast to document translations which are often performed once the document is completed.
The in-depth process of software localization begins with analysis and evaluation of the existing product and the tools and methods which will be required to complete it. We will go through a complete assessment of the linguistic, cultural and technological requirements for the project and from there create a full glossary of terms to be used throughout. A dedicated Catalan translator will then translate all the necessary aspects in preparation for delivery of the job. The user interface will be checked and adapted to make allowance for any differences in size, display and usability and the program will be fully tested before final delivery of the project.
If you are looking for an English to Catalan translation for your software, then you can rest assured that you are in safe hands with us.

Certified Translations
A certified translation is a translation that comes complete with:
1. The original (source language) text
2. The translated (target language) text
3. A statement signed by the translator confirming that the translated document is accurate

Otherwise known as a ‘Certificate of Accuracy’, we offer certified translations to ensure accuracy of your documents provide peace of mind to you and your clients. If you wish to have written reassurance that your Catalan / English translation is rendered to the highest degree of accuracy (perhaps to display to a client or provide certainty in a sensitive case) then we highly recommend a certified translation.
If you are looking for a Catalan translator who can provide professionalism, experience and accuracy for your documents or software, then please look no further. Contact us today for a quote.

Catalonia is an autonomous region within Spain, with an area of 32,114 sq. km and a population of 7.5 million. It is the richest and most industrialized region in Spain. Many Catalans are very proud of their independent history, identity and language. It is an exciting place to travel, do business and communicate in and with, and to facilitate this it is very important to ensure all documents are translated with precision and accuracy, ensuring no loss of meaning. Our Catalan / English translation had been highly refined over years of dedicated service to our clients, so whether you are creating new documents or translating existing ones, your English to Catalan translation needs will not be left wanting.