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The Bosnian language is closely related to Serbian and Croatian. It is spoken throughout the region of the former Yugoslavia and is one of three official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The rebuilding of the Bosnian region after the 1992 to 1995 war has been difficult because of the tremendous damage to infrastructure. The process for the country to be integrated into NATO and the European Union continues and has helped to spur foreign investment.

The huge increase in tourism and the continuing economic opportunities available in Bosnia and Herzegovina have shown a great need for high quality translation services that can help in financial, business and personal endeavors in this developing country. While there are three official languages in practice, Bosnian is mostly used in government, financial and immigration documents. We can offer you well priced Bosnian translation services that will help you to quickly make progress in your chosen endeavor.

Authorized Translation
These are a special type of translation that is needed in many official capacities where a source document and an authorized translated document are given the same legal equivalence. They can be needed when giving important documents to governments, government institutions, financial institutions, courts and in business transaction.
An authorized Bosnian translator has had the level of training and certification by a recognized body that recognizes their skill and ability to translate documents. This can mean that slightly higher fees are charged to cover the cost of the specialist training and the official requirements of an authorized translator.
The documents produced by an authorized translator will carry an official stamp and will be signed by the translator to fully authenticate their bona fide nature. This also means the translated documents need to be physically delivered and if a courier is needed then it is important to factor this time into any Bosnian to English translation.

  • Immigration documents
  • Inheritance documents
  • Contracts
  • Education certificates and transcripts
  • Police statements
  • Official licenses

Software Localization
One of the expanding uses of English to Bosnian translator teams is in the localization of all sorts of software. The needs of governments, businesses and consumers to have quality software products that work in their native language are making this a more common occurrence. While the majority of software is existing or in development versions of English based software that is being localized for the Bosnian market there are also some Bosnian software that is successful locally that is being translated for the much larger English speaking market.
We can help you to quickly and efficiently localize your software and by using professional translators you gain the polished language that fits the software and makes it appeal to the user. Appropriate translations take the intent and move that across the using the same professional, fun or scientific tone that the source documents where written in.

  • Financial software
  • Consumer software
  • Custom software
  • Scientific software
  • Utility software

Legal Translations
It is important to have high quality English to Bosnian translations if you are involved in any legal action being taken in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A poor translation can mean your position is not properly explained and put you at a disadvantage.
If you are using information in documents in Bosnian then it is important to have the Bosnian translation in perfect English that both truly represents the original information and properly translates the intent behind the words. When you employ our professional legal translators you will get the job done quickly and with complete accuracy.
Legal translations encompass a number of different areas and might include:

  • Statements
  • Proceedings
  • Judgments
  • Appeals
  • Evidentiary documents

Bosnian Language and People
The Bosnian language is based on Eastern Herzegovinian as are closely associated languages including Croatian, Serbian and Montenegrin. There are more than 3 million native speakers and the majority live in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The GDP average per capita is only $9000 (GDP $17.05 billion), which is significantly below the EU average, but it has very good health care and education. It is a popular tourist destination and Sarajevo was the site of the 1984 winter Olympics.
The countries government has a triumvirate of Presidents with a Bosnian, Serb and Croat rotating the chair of the Presidency in eight-month periods. The High Representative is a position created in the Dayton peace accords and gives this outside internationally selected representative the power to remove elected officials.

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