Top 12 translation events you must attend

Top 12 translation events you must attend

Tatiana Osoblivaia


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As the year unfolds, global language industry events have filled the calendar with fresh opportunities for experts and novice translators to acquire some extra knowledge in the business of linguistics. Interactive workshops and useful seminars meant to involve actively attendees gathered from diverse countries will be held systematically each month, so any eager participant could make it. Being involved in international events will serve you in a multitude of ways.

Keeping up to date with fresh trends in the industry will undoubtedly boost your success.
Whether implementing efficient tools in your daily performance, revising the methodologies already in use or discovering new processes able to optimize the workflow, the attendance to conferences and events will serve you a wealth of knowledge, displaying the whole nine yards. The valuable interchange with other companies is definitely going to provide useful information which may impact your views and practices in different ways. Though the registration may be costly, the financial investment cannot be more worthwhile when it’s converted into meaningful information ready to serve your business purpose. Whether you are an interpreter, a translation agency or a freelancer, the benefits will pay off for sure.

A proactive approach will open up the door to meeting new potential clients.
Where elsewhere could like-minded people gather together to discuss linguistic matters if not at events specially designed for this specific industry? Besides expanding the horizons by gaining important knowledge, participating at conferences will ensure fertile ground for future collaboration not solely with experts of the industry, but also with potential customers. Being in the right place and surrounded by individuals who are directly linked to the domain will absolutely eas your way to getting in touch with your clients. Moreover, a face-to-face communication is worth thousand written words when building the necessary trust which allows for mutually beneficial relationships to prosper. Verbal communication will transcend barriers regarding your vision as a service provider and his or her perspective as a potential client.

Attending events will help you to improve your image and reputation.
Another major benefit consists in putting your best face forward amongst translation companies and potential clients. Imagine a venue overflown by professionally aligned individuals, all enthusiastic about translation news and opportunities. Isn’t it an excellent possibility for getting your message across by displaying your linguistic services directly? Telling about your story might depict your business in greater detail, including achievements, unique experiences, wider visions and methods you’ve applied so far. The space offered by events delivers the perfect atmosphere for a conversation to be started, connecting audiences in a swift and efficient manner. This way, you will be able to answer questions right-away, resting assured that people know more about you and the translation services you offer.

Long story short, if you aim to stay tuned for fresh translation trends and technologies and are interested in adding some useful knowledge in your baggage, check the following list with top 12 translation events 2019 specially selected for you. Make your choice and don’t forget to mark your calendar!

1. Machine translation summit 2019, August 19-23
Whether you need or not to pack your traveling bag in order to get to Dublin, Ireland, here is an outstanding opportunity to attend an event organised by European Association for Machine translation.
The core purpose of the event consists in evaluating the impact of machine translation (MT) on the translated content. The main themes that will be touched refer to the role of development of MT, along with the discussion of privacy issues implied in the process. Researchers, users and vendors will gather together to study the subject in-depth. Last year, the topics addressed included lexical resources, monolingual aspects, post-editing, and collaborative translation as well.

2. EST Congress 2019 - Stellenbosch, September 9-13
Are you currently interested in a more scientific approach regarding the translation industry? Here’s the event you definitely shouldn’t miss! This time, the 9th Congress of the European Society for Translation Studies will take place in South Africa, at Stellenbosch University. The meeting is set to gather together scholars, researchers and professionals who will discuss the topic “Living Translation: People, Processes, Products.” Several workshops destined for students, postdoctoral students, and researchers will take place.

3. Taus Global Content Summit Dublin, September 12
Another event is going to happen in Dublin, Ireland. This time is organised by Taus - Translation Automation User Society. The conference will mainly revolve around topics regarding Machine Translation (MT), more specifically, from the quantum leaps made in the translation and machine learning, covering the analysis of modern translation, autonomous and data-driven.

4. Nordic Techkomm, September 25-26
The next must-attend event will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. Organised by TC World - a global services company with business conferences, the meeting will bring together people who are eager to discuss translation matters on a global level.

5. MET Meeting, September 26-28
A major translation industry event which is arranged annually with Mediteranean Editors and Translators Meeting (METM) will happen in 2019 as well, in Split, Croatia.  As it is the 15th edition, METM is a networking event meant to congregate in a single place interpreters, editors, translators and other suppliers of English translation in the Mediteranean area, and not only.

6. ND Networking Days, October 3-4
A conference dedicated to language services will be held in the Hague, Netherlands. The organisation has been provided by Elia - European Language Industry Association. Should you consider participating, do not hesitate to book your ticket to the event.

7. MEET Central Europe Conference, October 10-11
Four associations have focussed their knowledge and aspirations on creating one single event which will take place in Prague, Czech Republic. Vendor management practices, improved methods of collaboration with other business will be the key topics of the event. This is your chance to participate at an event organised by Austrian, Csech, Hungarian and Slovak national translations associations.

8. The ATA Conference, October 25-26
Do you seek to discover improved tools and technologies or to find new clients? American Translators Association has organised the 60th annual edition dedicated to the professional development of translators and interpreters. However, the program hasn’t been established yet, conferences from the past years are quite persuasive. Should you consider the event worth to be attended to, prepare to get to Palm Springs, Ca, in USA.

9. Jeronym’s Days, November 1-2
The Association of translators and interpreters - JTP - have prepared another language event which will be held in Prague, Czech Republic. The festival of translating and interpreting aims to help experts in the industry to expand their knowledge and network.

10. TC World, November 12-14
The conference will take place in Stuttgart, Germany and the main discussion will revolve around the technological issues which translation processes imply.The event will be accompanied by the Tekom - Trade fair that offers exhibition for technical communication.

11. Language Show Live London, November 15-17
Seminars and workshops will actively involve language teachers, learners, translators and linguists during 3 days. Everyone who is in love with languages is invited in London, UK, to enjoy the amazing opportunity.

12. Expolingua Berlin
ICWE has prepared an exquisite event which will take place in Berlin, Germany. The annual translation conference which is a must for language lovers will focus on great exhibitions, useful information about culture and travel, language courses, possibilities for internships,and working abroad.

As you might have noticed, the list of upcoming translation events for 2019 is quite impressive. Thus, we would be very glad to know you have found at least one event which suits your linguistic resolutions.


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