Interview with Our Outside Expert from Germany Lutz Fissenewert

Interview with Our Outside Expert from Germany Lutz Fissenewert

Tatiana Osoblivaia


Language services industry

During the last fortnight Polilingua has hosted an outside expert from Senior Expert Service from Germany, Lutz Fissenewert.

 Mr. Fissenewert had studied at German universities of Bochum and Regensburg. His professional career had started as a manager in the transport industry. Later he had moved into the operational business and for 20 years has been the CEO of Glunz company. He has International Experience in working with Spain, Portugal, France, UK, East- and North Europe.

As we seek for continuous development and professional growth, we have invited Mr. Fissenewert for he has outstanding experience and business knowledge that he shared with us. Polilingua values and implemented the ideas and pieces of advice that had been suggested by our international expert, and now our dearest friend.  

We have interviewed Mr. Lutz before his leave, and we would like to share some of his interesting answers.

            “What do you like about Polilingua?”

            When I first came into the office, I have noticed 2 things that I liked a lot. You have a very, very nice, spacious and full of light office. There is plenty of space for you to socialize, and everyone has its own workspace. The other thing that truly amazed me is that you don’t use any paper. A translation agency that doesn’t waste tons of paper as everything is online and all employees use their screens and other gadgets to do their translation jobs. Very eco-friendly!

            “What is it that we need to prioritize?”

            The answer for this question is valid for all business in the world, you need to prioritize your customers, and you need good relationship with your customer. The equation is simple, take care of your customer well and he will return back, more customers more cashflows. You do not need to go beyond the agreement that you had with your customer, honour the promises that you have made and the customer will appreciate that.

            “What do you think about translation industry?”

            Well, it is definitively a very interesting field to work in. I believe that translations is a sustainable business, despite the new technologies that are constantly appearing, such as Google Translate, I would still need a translator. I feel that translations will still be in a very high demand in the future, that is, you need to constantly develop your business.

            “What makes a business grow?”

            Actually, there are two components that make a business in flourish, that is good customer care, which I have described earlier and employees' job satisfaction. The employer has the responsibility to honour the agreement and the promises he made to his employee, this increases motivation to work and thus, the results.  

These and many other thoughts of our guest have helped us grow our business and implement the newest and the most efficient business strategies. Mr. Lutz’s stay at Polilingua was a significant one as we did not only develop a new strategic plan but also started a close friendship. We will be looking forward to Mr. Lutz’s next visit!


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