The advantages of multilingual e-mail marketing

The advantages of multilingual e-mail marketing

Tatiana Osoblivaia



“Personalization — it is not about first/last name. It’s about relevant content.” — Dan Jak, Head of e-mail & SMS, British Gas

While it is true that the use of e-mail for social communication has dwindled over the years, the same doesn't hold true for marketing. Many brands have invested heavily in their social media presence to promote brand image. A study by e-commerce software firm Moneate found that 4.24% of visitors from e-mail marketing make a purchase, compared to only 2.49% of visitors from search engines and 0.59% from social media. E-mail marketing is therefore one of the most interesting sales options and a method in which your company can generate more lead generation and conversions. Before deciding on using this tactic to build up your marketing strategy, you should take into consideration some of the advantages mentioned below.

1. Profitability awaits you in non-native English speaking countries

Research shows that the vast majority of internet users are actually non-native English speakers. According to the 2018 internet users survey here are some numbers that speak for itself:

China: 746 million users

India: 391 million users

USA: 245 million users

Brazil: 123 million users

As the internet quickly reaches more and more people, you can expect a quick uptick in non-native, English-speaking internet users over the coming years. Hence, if you’re serious about driving up your online sales, it’s high time that you look beyond English as the main language of your online content.

2.  E-mail Professional Translation drives traffic from e-mails to your website

Translation is not that simple. There is no mathematical equation that you can apply to a multitude of problems; it is a craft. While machine translation might seem cost-effective and simple, it is definitely not the right solution when translating the unique message of your marketing content. When you need precise, reliable translations that preserve the context of your message while taking into account international cultures, you have to do it the right way.

E-mail marketing allows you to approach international consumers of a foreign market without having to move to the geographic area of that new market, saving significant costs on travel and time.

For your strategy to obtain results, you must invest in professional translations of your messages. E-mail translations are crucial for ensuring effective communication with international consumers. Professional translations ensure that your company speaks the style of language used in that foreign market. Not only do you need to invest in e-mail translations, but you have to create multilingual marketing content for your foreign market. This strategy will drive traffic from e-mails to your website and increase your sales abroad.

3. E-mail translation generates business leads

It is essential to offer confidence and closeness to your international consumers and potential clients. Offering the possibility to communicate more directly and personally with your target market audience in foreign markets, without the language barrier posing as a problem, can increase the loyalty of your overseas clients. Take care when creating email subjects. It is more important than you think! Your subject line will determine whether your target market audience opens up the e-mail or move it to the trash.

4. Localisation gives purpose and builds credible business relations

A good e-mail should address its recipient by name and use informal, friendly language. When you are targeting international consumers in more than one foreign market, you need to adapt the style of language in such a way that they can relate to it in order for your brand message to remain consistent at a global level.

Jordie van Rijn, an e-mail marketing specialist, loves to apply the following culinary analogy: “It has to be made clear that every region has its own taste, preferences and work methods. Some national dishes are spicy or sweet, while others have a fine aroma to them. Knowing the international audience is very important if you want your e-mails to have an actual purpose.”

If you are serious about creating a global campaign and boosting sales abroad, then PoliLingua’s help is needed to kickstart your international expansion through multilingual e-mail marketing.

Multilingual e-mail marketing is a powerful tool for access to potential global markets with a more reliable return on investment, unlike other forms of digital marketing.  However, if you do not study your local target audience carefully, you will not be able to achieve any return on investment.



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