Akan translation services

Akan translation services

If you need Akan translation services for a business document, research paper, or marketing content, look to PoliLingua. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, PoliLingua is a certified Language Service Provider (LSP) that can provide accurate Akan translations. All of our Akan translators are certified and have native fluency in the language, ensuring that your document is culturally appropriate and up to standard. At PoliLingua we understand the importance of making sure communication between different countries and cultures runs smoothly, which is why we take Akan translation services seriously. Contact us today and find out more about how we can help you with Akan translations today.

Why PoliLingua?

  • 10 Professional Akan translators
  • 25,000 Akan words translated
  • 15 Akan translation projects
  • Projects Management & Quality Control
  • Competitive Rates

Akan language translations we offer

Akan language translations we offer
Akan language overview

Akan language overview

Akan is a language spoken throughout Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire, two nations located in West Africa. Akan is part of the Kwa subfamily of the Niger-Congo language family and has hundreds of distinct inputs including Ashanti, Akuapem, Akwamu, Fante, and Baule.

Its growth has been attributed to Akan’s simple conjugation system and other distinctive features such as its rich intonation/tone pattern system and usage of loanwords from outside languages. Akan also contains definite rules for word order which allows it to remain relatively consistent when being spoken or written across different Akan dialects.

These qualities help make Akan an ideal linguistic choice for both native speakers and learners of the language alike.

Steps to Get Certified Akan Translations at PoliLingua

Step 1 – Contact Us: The first step is to contact us via phone or email and provide us with some details about your project. We will need to know what language you require, how many words are in the document, and when you need the document. This information helps us create an accurate quote for your project quickly and easily.

Step 2 – Submit Your Document: Once we have provided you with a quote, simply submit your document through our secure portal. You can rest assured knowing that all files sent via our portal are encrypted and stored safely on our servers. We also accept documents in any format, so don't worry if it isn't already in digital form; just let us know what format it is in so we can convert them for you.

Step 3 – Review & Approve Translation: Once the translation has been completed, we will send it back to you for review and approval before we issue any certificates of accuracy or money-back guarantee documents. You can review the work as many times as necessary until it meets your exact specifications. Once approved, we will issue all required certificates along with your translated document.

Steps to Get Certified Akan Translations at PoliLingua
Advantages of PoliLingua Akan translations

Advantages of PoliLingua Akan translations

  • PoliLingua has over 20 years of experience in the translation industry.
  • We provide translations into and from Akan, as well as many other languages.
  • Our company offers a high-quality, accurate translation service that is tailored to your specific needs.
  • Our team of translators is all native speakers of Akan who have extensive experience in translation.
  • We offer competitive rates and a quick turnaround time so that you can get your project completed on schedule.
  • We can translate any type of document, including legal documents, medical records, and marketing materials.
  • Our Akan translations are accurate and precise, ensuring that your message is communicated correctly to your target audience.
  • They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their translations.

Akan translations according to industries

  • Medical translations - protecting the safety and well-being of patients.
  • Tourist translations - helping visitors get the most out of their holiday or trip.
  • Website localization - adapting your website for different cultures and languages.
  • Retail translations - for retail companies, retail translations are key to ensuring their messages and products are accurately conveyed and understood by their customers.
  • Media translations - help media outlets to communicate with different audiences in a meaningful way.
  • Government translations - play an important role in preserving cultural heritage and traditions as well as providing key services to citizens.
Akan translations according to industries
Legal Akan translations of PoliLingua

Legal Akan translations of PoliLingua

At PoliLingua, we offer legal Akan translating services with amazing precision. Our legal translator professionals are highly specialized in legal procedures and can easily translate legal terms that even the most seasoned person may have difficulty with.

With over 20 years of legal translation experience, our team can quickly and accurately provide translations that meet the highest legal standards. Our linguists are fluent in both Akan and English (or other languages), so you can be sure your document is translated professionally and accurately to help you navigate all legal contexts.

At PoliLingua, we follow a stringent process for our legal Akan translations because we want you to benefit from the most comprehensive and reliable service possible.

Types of legal Akan documents we translate

  • Contracts: Translations of commercial and business contracts, employment contracts, and other types of legal agreements into Akan.
  • Court Documents: Translations of legal pleadings, judgments, and other court-related documents.
  • Patents: Translations of patent applications, patent specifications, and other patent-related documents.
  • Immigration Documents: Translations of immigration and naturalization documents, including visas, residency permits, and citizenship applications.
  • Educational Documents: Translations of academic transcripts, diplomas, and other educational documents for use in immigration and study abroad applications.
  • Government Applications: Translations of official government documents, such as birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, and tax forms.
Types of legal Akan documents we translate
Technical Akan translations we provide

Technical Akan translations we provide

Technical Akan translation requires a high level of accuracy, as even small errors can have significant consequences. It is important to use experienced and knowledgeable Akan translators who have the technical expertise to accurately translate technical terms and concepts. Akan technical translators should also have a thorough understanding of the target audience, to ensure that the translated documents are clear, concise, and easy to understand.

Technical Akan documents we translate

  • Engineering Documents: Translations of engineering specifications, drawings, and reports.
  • Instruction Manuals: Translations of product manuals, user guides, and instructional materials.
  • Technical Reports: Translations of laboratory reports, research reports, and technical evaluations.
  • Patent Specifications: Translations of patent specifications and other patent-related documents.
  • Medical Device Documents: Translations of medical reports, product manuals for medical equipment, and clinical trial protocols.
  • Software Localization Documentation: Translations of software applications, user interfaces, and related documentation.
Technical Akan documents we translate
The size of Akan speaking market

The size of Akan speaking market

The Akan language is a major West African language spoken by over 20 million people, primarily in Ghana and Ivory Coast. The Akan language is the most widely spoken indigenous language in Ghana, with over 50% of the population speaking it as their first language.

The Akan-speaking market is significant and has a large potential for commercial and economic growth. The language is also widely used in business, media, and education in both Ghana and Ivory Coast.

The Akan language is also recognized as an official language in both countries and is used in government and legal settings. The size and influence of the Akan-speaking market make it an important consideration for businesses and organizations looking to expand into West Africa.

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