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The key consideration when selecting a translation agency to manage your Afar translation is credibility. PoliLingua offers an easy, fast, affordable, and reliable way of getting a translation. It is noteworthy that our English to Afar translations are performed by highly qualified and professional native linguists that possess expert industry knowledge and terminology of the subject matter to be translated. We offer legal, business, medical, and technical translations from English to Afar and from Afar to English. PoliLingua’s thorough monitor system ensures precision, cultural considerations and overall quality and time efficiency of every stage of the translation project.

Afar Language Facts
Family: Afro-Asiatic
Branch: Eastern Cushite
Continent: Africa
Countries Where Official: Ethiopia
Countries Where Spoken: Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea, others (the Afar people are nomadic)
Native Speakers: 979,367
Speakers Total: 1,439,367
Three Letter Code: AAR
Alternative Names: Afaraf, ‘Danakil’, ‘Denkel’
Dialects: Central Afar, Northern Afar, Aussa, and Baadu
Related languages: Saho (Ethiopia and Eritrea), Somali and Oromo groups of languages
Writing system: Ge’ez (also referred to as Qafar Feera), Latin

Translations into Several Languages Possible
If you need the same text in multiple languages, we offer translations into several languages. For instance, if your company operates in several countries, you might be interested in a multilingual website. Internationalizing your business documentation, website, and software can ensure that you reach the largest market possible, which in turn, increases your profits and decreases customer miscommunication issues.

Committed Project Manager
Every client is assigned his or her project manager. This enables us to take a hands-on approach and address your individual needs through responsible proactive administration. You can always benefit from a point of contact that is familiar with your project; so if you ever need assistance or have any questions we are able to resolve your concerns at any time.

Committed Project Manager

Translations in the Needed Format
We translate into the original format. This way the completed text can be utilized immediately, which is especially beneficial when specific documents are required for marketing or distribution purposes. PoliLingua’s team of in-house graphic designers is able to consolidate the process of artworking and typesetting foreign language documents, so that you can avoid the need to outsource to a third-party design company.

Right to Revision
If you are not quite happy with your translation, you are entitled to a free revision within 30 days. By all means we are dedicated to pursuing customer satisfaction; thus, our translators look forward to hearing your feedback. Please be specific about what exactly you would like to be corrected. The time necessary for the revision depends on the size of the document. The average time required is about one day per 2000 words.

Official Quality and Secure Accreditation
Regarding quality management and data security, we are honored to be accredited by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, the American Translator’s Association, and the European Language Industry Association. PoliLingua complies with internationally recognized standards that are audited annually.

To obtain a free quote for an upcoming Afar project, please e-mail us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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We use only translators carefully selected to match the subject matter and content of your project. Our translations meet and exceed international quality standards. Upon request, we will provide you with a statement which certifies the accuracy of our translations.