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Translating important papers and getting your message across implies opting for the best specialists who would materialize your Wolof language translation expectations. In this context, navigating through the multitude of translation companies may cause inevitable doubts. As you probably know, choosing the agency fitted for your personal purposes can serve you a great deal, driving your success forward. On the other hand, language related issues can seriously undermine the level of your performance.

The significant wealth of experience and the proven competence of our Wolof language translators gives us the confidence and pleasure to throw the hat in the ring. At PoliLingua, the trained team of professionals possess the required skill set to convert your source material into an outstanding work.

Whether you need to translate from Wolof to English or from English to Wolof, we can produce excellent content for a variety of fields.

Wolof Financial Translation Services
Financial translation demands a comprehensive grasp of the specific terminology. Connecting with global stakeholders, dealing with financial negotiations and signing important contracts is inevitable when aiming to launch into a foreign market. Whether working as an individual, consultant or business, having your information translated properly plays an essential role in your dealings. Transparency and accuracy are crucial elements which your project must include, if aspiring for optimal results. We are highly considerate of internal policy and put a great emphasis on the privacy of our customers. Besides, the translation processes are managed with professionalism and with a fast turnaround.

PoliLingua has years of banking translation experience in multiple languages. Our vettet specialists endowed with in-depth knowledge have dealt with a large pool of financial material. Thus, you can trust with your eyes closed that a professional Wolof translator will manage your project with maximum dedication and competence. We will also make sure high-rate results will be achieved following the requested time frame. This will offer you flexibility and confidence in your financial dealings.
Our Wolof translation services apply to several types of documents:

Wolof Automotive Translation Services
Navigating in the automotive business has become even more complex due to the growth of financial base which drives the expanding of markets. Global stakeholders involved in a sophisticated network, encompassing design, manufacturing, product assembly, servicing, marketing and final sales, are indissolubly focussed on quality and brand image. Ensuring efficient collaboration and transparency throughout the whole chain of processes gets in the hands of a proficient translator. It goes without saying, certain aspects should define a competent linguist whose  knowledge is fitted for the purpose of translation. Wolof automotive translation requires highly technical skills, supported by a scientific background. A complex understanding of mechanical specific matters is crucial. In this regard, our team of fluent, experienced, and attentive to detail team knows all the nitty-gritty details of the field. Passionate about cars and manufacturing in general, Wolof linguists work in tandem with native proofreading specialists versed in engineering. Moreover, reliable and creative translators will take care of the marketing content, along with our in-house desktop publishing team trained in mastering fast results, so you won’t have to wait for no extra minute to get your work published, ensuring maximum success for your automotive dealings.
Wolof language translation services, specialized in the  automotive field include:

Country and Language Profile
Wolof is a member of Niger-Congo language family and represents one of 6 languages spoken in Senegal, along with Serer, Mandinka, Pulaar, Diola and Soninke. There are approximately 7 million Wolof speakers, not only inhabitants of Senegal, but also Guinea-Bisau, Gambia, Mauritania, Mali and France. An old version of the language, named Wolofo, included initially arab letters and nowadays it is still used by older people. Starting 1974, Latin was officially chosen as a standard norm for the written version of Wolof. Wolof encompassed a few dialects, two of them enjoying a wider use: Senegal Wolof and Gambian Wolof. The first one is mostly spoken in Senegal, and the second in Republic of Gambia, correspondingly. Besides, there are significant differences between the rural and urban version. For instance, in the urban regions have been noticed many words borrowed from French.


In Senegal, Wolof population constitutes the larger ethnic group, about 39%. Outside the confines of Senegal, Wolof is spoken by the minority. Currently, there are approximately 4 millions of native speakers of the language and other millions who enjoy the use of Wolof as a second language. Regarding the main features which distinguish Wolof from Lebu, the second one actually constitutes the source of existence for Wolof. Besides, people who can speak Lebu, possess the command of Wolof as well. More precisely, Lebu represents a population which belongs ethnically to Africa and which inhabits mainly the lands of Senegal, on the peninsula named Cape-Verde. Fishing and building constitutes the activities which have a greater prevalence in the region. Lebu also has a religious sect named Lavene. Since 1815, Lebu has been legally recognized as a theocratic republic.

Amongst the books which have been translated into Wolof can be mentioned The New Testament, published in 1987, and the novel “Doomi Golo”, written by Boubacar Boris Diop and published in 2002.  The popular song “7seconds”, by Youssou N’Dour and Neneh Cherry also contains several words in Wolof.  There has been noticed a strong influence on the vocabulary due to the period of slavery, when many refugees drom Southern were moving in the North. For example, the word “Ok” dates from those years. The word “banana” comes from Wolof as well.  The senegalese language is famous for its beautiful women who dress fashionably and wear sophisticated hairstyles. Their beauty has a great impact on the remote regions, setting fashion trends for other populations around.

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