Wolof translation services

Wolof translation services

When searching for a dependable Wolof translation service, PoliLingua is your go-to resource. For over two decades, we have been delivering exceptional language solutions to fulfill all of our client's needs with accuracy, speed, and cultural understanding. Our Wolof translators are highly talented professionals in their own right with years of experience to match and the capability to adapt the translations to the recent tendencies specific to the Wolof language and culture. At PoliLingua, we take pride in providing quality services that surpass our customer expectations, so if you are looking for a trustworthy provider you can count on us.

Why PoliLingua?

  • 10 Professional Wolof translators
  • 25,000 Wolof words translated
  • 15 Wolof translation projects
  • Projects Management & Quality Control
  • Competitive Rates

Wolof translations of PoliLingua

  • Document translation - This type of service involves translating written documents from one language to Wolof or vice versa. Written translation services can include anything from legal documents to marketing materials, technical manuals, or websites.
  • Interpretation - Interpretation services involve translating spoken language in real-time from one language to another. This can include simultaneous interpretation, where the interpreter translates the speaker's words as they are being spoken, or consecutive interpretation, where the interpreter waits for the speaker to finish before translating what was said.
  • Software and Game Localization - Localization services involve adapting a product or service to the specific cultural and linguistic needs of a particular region or language. For Wolof, this could include adapting software, mobile applications, or websites to ensure that the content is culturally appropriate and translated correctly.
  • Subtitling and Captioning - Subtitling and captioning services involve translating the spoken or written language into Wolof and creating captions or subtitles for video content, including movies, TV shows, and online videos.
  • Voice-over translation - The recording of a voice actor in the target language, synchronized with the original audio or video.
Wolof translations of PoliLingua
Wolof language overview

Wolof language overview

Wolof is an indigenous language of western Africa and has ancient origins, with evidence pointing to its use as far back as the 11th century CE. Although it has experienced various influences over the years, having been in contact with multiple African tribes and European countries, the Wolof language remains distinct and recognizable to this day.

In terms of regional presence, Wolof is the majority language in countries such as Senegal and Gambia, while also having spoken varieties in Mauritania and other parts of West Africa. Today, Wolof is used in numerous modern settings, from everyday conversations to literary works and musical forms. It continues to be an integral part of daily life for many Africans from the South-West region.

Steps to get our professional Wolof translation

  • Go to our website and click on the "translation" tab.
  • Choose "Wolof translation" from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill out the form with your contact information and project details.
  • Upload any supporting documents you have.
  • Click on the "submit" button and wait for a response from one of our project managers.
  • We'll get back to you as soon as possible with a free quote for your project.
Steps to get our professional Wolof translation
Advantages of Wolof translation company PoliLingua

Advantages of Wolof translation company PoliLingua

  • PoliLingua is a professional translation services company with over 20 years of experience.
  • We translate over 200 languages into Wolof.
  • We offer Wolof translations for businesses and individuals, ensuring accuracy and precision in all our work.
  • Our team of translators is native speakers of Wolof, guaranteeing that your translations will be accurate and idiomatic.
  • We provide a range of translation services, including website localization, document translation, and software localization.
  • Our rates are competitive and we offer a quick turnaround time on all projects.
  • Contact us today for a free quote on your Wolof translation project!

Certified Wolof translations we provide

PoliLingua offers certified Wolof translations for businesses seeking accurate, certified language services. Our certified Wolof translators are certified specialists in the language and have extensive experience in managing various translation projects.

We provide business owners with comprehensive, reliable, and certified services to meet their specific needs. Whether it is legal translations, certified written documents, or website localization, PoliLingua’s certified Wolof translations guarantee accurate communication and successful international cooperation.

Certified Wolof translations we provide
Wolof translations according to the industry

Wolof translations according to the industry

  • Legal translation - Legal translation services involve translating legal documents such as contracts, court transcripts, and legislation.
  • Medical translation- Medical translation services involve translating medical documents such as patient records, medical reports, and clinical trial data. 
  • Technical translation - Technical translation services involve translating technical documents such as user manuals, software documentation, and engineering drawings.
  • Marketing and Retail translation - Marketing translation services involve translating marketing materials such as brochures, websites, and social media content.
  • Financial translation - Financial translation services involve translating financial documents such as annual reports, financial statements, and investment documents.
  • Government translation - Government translation services involve translating official documents such as laws, regulations, and government reports.

Wolof financial translations

PoliLingua is proud to offer financial Wolof translations that are performed by the best professionals in the industry. Our financial Wolof translation services cover a variety of financial documents, providing our clients with reliable, accurate results at all times.

Our team consists of professional, certified Wolof language experts with experience in financial translation who understand the financial market and its terminology. Specializing in financial practices and principles, they will translate any content accurately, efficiently, and quickly.

With quality customer service as our utmost priority, we guarantee you'll be delighted with our financial Wolof translations.

Wolof financial translations
Wolof business documents we translate

Wolof business documents we translate

  • Contracts and agreements: Contracts and agreements are legal documents that define the terms and conditions of a business transaction between two or more parties. These documents may include sales contracts, employment contracts, and partnership agreements.
  • Financial documents: Financial documents such as financial statements, balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements are crucial for businesses to track their financial performance.
  • Business plans: Business plans outline the goals, strategies, and financial projections of a business.
  • Presentations and speeches: Presentations and speeches are important tools for businesses to communicate with their stakeholders, including investors, employees, and customers.
  • Product Catalogs: Translations of product catalogs, technical specifications, and datasheets.
  • Human Resource Documents: Translations of job descriptions, employee handbooks, and other human resource documents.

Wolof legal translations of PoliLingua

Wolof is the native language of millions of people in West Africa, making it an important target language for legal translations. Our company, PoliLingua, is proud to offer Wolof legal translation services with full accuracy and precision.

Our Wolof translators have years of experience in Wolof document and legal translations, as well as a strong cultural understanding that can make all the difference when it comes to accurately convey complex ideas like those present in legally binding documents.

Whether you need Wolof documents or Wolof legal translations, rely on our team of experienced Wolof translators for exceptional quality and reliable service.

Wolof legal translations of PoliLingua
Wolof legal document translations

Wolof legal document translations

  • Court documents: Court documents include legal documents related to court proceedings, such as subpoenas, summons, and judgments.
  • Patents and trademarks: Patents and trademarks are legal documents that protect an inventor's intellectual property rights.
  • Immigration documents: Immigration documents include forms, applications, and certificates required for legal immigration to a country.
  • Regulatory documents: Regulatory documents include legal documents related to industry regulations, such as environmental regulations, safety regulations, and employment regulations.

The size of Wolof speaking market

Wolof is a language spoken in Senegal, Gambia, and Mauritania. According to the 2019 estimate by the United Nations, there are approximately 10 million Wolof speakers worldwide. The Wolof-speaking market is considered significant, particularly in West Africa, where the Wolof language is widely spoken.

The demand for Wolof translations continues to increase, as businesses and organizations seek to communicate with the Wolof-speaking community and expand their reach in the region. The Wolof-speaking market is growing and influential, particularly in industries such as business, government, education, healthcare, and media. 

As the region continues to develop economically and politically, the Wolof-speaking market will continue to be an important market for businesses and organizations.

The size of Wolof speaking market

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