Over the last decade, Ukraine has become an attractive market for all kinds of products and services as well as an active participant of the international business community. This has made it necessary to reach a potential customer or a partner in his native language effectively. PoliLingua can efficiently correspond to your Ukrainian translation needs . We have an excellent and reliable selection of native Ukrainian linguists, who can professionally attend to your documents and texts of any level of complicacy.

It may be considered that due to its direct borders with Russia and their common history in USSR, Russian language will also be a good option for establishing contacts with the people of Ukraine. Though it is widely acceptable to use Russian language in Ukraine, the new generation of Ukrainians are becoming the most active consumers and entrepreneurs nowadays prefer to use their native language to manage their business and to receive the necessary information. That is why it is important to get high quality Ukrainian translations no matter what the source language is. Polilingua offers an extensive selection of languages, and can assist you in the expanding of your business on the Ukrainian market:

  • Translation and localization of your website to the last bit of useful information
  • Any kind of reports translation (financial, medical, economic, marketing etc.)
  • Legal documents translation
  • Technical translations from/into Ukrainian
  • Software localization and translation
  • Contracts, invoices, letters and other business correspondence translation
  • Translation of manuals for electronic devices, software,technical units etc.

All of them are performed by experienced native Ukrainian translators.

Ukrainian into English translations are also available. If you plan to attract international customers for your product or service from Ukraine, we can offer you high-quality translation services into English, as well as into any other language listed on our website.

We also remind you that all of your confidential information will be treated as such and the confidentiality will be preserved according to our policy and with respect to your person and your business.

For a free quotation please fill out the form. Our project managers will see to it as soon as possible (the procedure usually takes not more than couple of hours) and will return to you with detailed terms and costs for your job.