Turkmen translation services

Turkmen translation services

Our international translation agency has built its Turkmen translation services due to a highly-qualified team of Turkmen language linguists specialized in a wide range of fields. The segmentation of agents by their domain of expertise permits the selection of the best candidates suited for your specific subject, being fully aligned with ISO 17100:2015 certificate requirements, which serves as indisputable evidence of our proficiency.

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  • 25,000 Turkmen words translated
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Professional Turkmen translations of PoliLingua

With its distinct cultural identity, the Turkmen language is used in many industries that require a skilled translator to translate into the Turkmen language. Whether in business, education, government, or other fields, a professional Turkmen language translator is mandatory to translate accurately and efficiently. Our international language solution provider is an established Turkmen translation company offering reliable translators who can assist you with any task, regardless of the field or subject. So, if you are looking for an experienced and certified translator, look no further than PoliLingua.

We also provide Certified Turkmen translation services. Certified Turkmen translations are a great option for business and government organizations to accurately convey the message to the international environment clearly and unambiguously. Certified translations are done by experienced professional translators who specialize in the language and culture of Turkmenistan, giving you the assurance that all documents have been thoroughly reviewed and properly translated. Certified Turkmen translation provides a reliable source of accurate communication no matter where you are in the world.

Professional Turkmen translations of PoliLingua
English to Turkmen and Turkmen to English translation

English to Turkmen and Turkmen to English translation

For those looking to translate from Turkmen to English or English to Turkmen, expertise in both languages is essential to perform a quality translation of the meaning and message intended by the speaker or writer.

In addition, our knowledge of grammar, customs, and culture will aid considerably in providing an accurate Turkmen interpretation, making the exchange of ideas smoother and more effective. With language solutions ranging from Turkmen interpreters for live conversations to Turkmen translators for written documents, various services may help translate English to Turkmen or Turkmen to English.

Russian to Turkmen translation is the second most common language pair needed for accurately translating within the Turkmenistan language. This type of translation requires should be handled by a qualified Russian-Turkmen translator. Russian to Turkmen translations can be invaluable for those needing correctly translated legal documents, business agreements, and other sensors. With Turkmen-to-Russian translation services from a reputable linguistics firm, you can expect an accurate and secure translation that fits your needs perfectly.

Turkmen website translation services

While translating websites, we have tailored efficient solutions for your Turkmen translation needs, performed at the highest level in conjunction with advanced tools. Conveying content for your e-commerce site, an article on your blog or any other kind of online content are tasks for which our team of Turkmen linguists has mastered the needed skill set. Moreover, we guarantee professional results and on-time delivery. Our Turkmen translation agency will also handle keywords and metatags best fitting your project. All aspects mentioned above are used in unison to create the best output for your material.

Our translation company offers an arsenal of web and software translation and localization services:
  • Mobile applications translation 
  • Game localization
  • Website SEO translation and localization
  • Software translation
Turkmen website translation services
Turkmen Medical Translation Services

Turkmen Medical Translation Services

Translating the healthcare industry implies sensitive matters. For instance, if you want to be informed about the health condition of a loved one or to sort out a medical instruction, you need the Turkmen medical translation to be delivered with maximum accuracy. The medical field also includes particular terminology and jargon used in health-related issues.

Turkmen translation services need to be handled by well-equipped, qualified, and experienced Turkmen language translators who have proven their knowledge in the medical field. Thus, we have created teams of selected translators who are experts in their specific domain of proficiency. This approach improves the quality and diminishes the time required to perform the translation. We can provide you with medical translations for a wide range of documents.

  • Clinical trials
  • Medical devices and package insert instructions
  • Patient surveys
  • Insurance forms

Turkmen Document Translations

If you need Turkmen language translation for documents, we can provide highly accurate translations that are processed quickly and under internationally recognized standards. The need to translate many documents when applying for funding with the various UN and international agencies requires flawless results. It can be problematic when cheap local translation services are used and may lead to funding requests being rejected or held up. Our professional document translations are accurately processed and will meet the highest standards that international organizations and government officials require.

The need for Turkmen translations is increasing as proper documentation and verification become a higher priority in all areas which include:
  • Accounting documents
  • Travel documents
  • Official documents
  • Immigration documents, and many more.
Turkmen Document Translations
Turkmenistan language profile

Turkmenistan language profile

Turkmenistan language is a Turkic language spoken by various ethnic groups in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and elsewhere. Turkmen is related to Azerbaijani, Gagauz, Uzbek, and other Turkic languages translating the Turkmenistan language to English easier for those familiar with the Turkic language family. A vital part of Turkmenistan culture, Turkmen's language, has undergone tremendous growth since the country declared its independence in 1991.

Translation services have become increasingly vital as Turkmen worldwide seek to have removed the gap between English-speaking audiences and Turkmen. Taking into consideration, this language's unique heritage, quality translation services serve as one of the bridges between Turkmenistan and the rest of the world.

How to get our professional Turkmen translation services

Our professional translation company makes it easy for you to obtain quality translations from and into the Turkmen language. Whether you need long documents or short ones, our experienced translators and CAT tools guarantee accurate language solutions with fast delivery.

We provide professional Turkmen translation services at competitive prices, so why not contact us today? You also can get a free quote – just submit your document through our online form.

Our customer support representatives are also available around the clock by email or phone to help answer any questions related to our services.

How to get our professional Turkmen translation services

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Our translations are performed by translators carefully selected to align with the subject matter and content of your project. They meet and exceed international quality standards. Upon request, we will provide you with a certificate attesting to the precision of our translations