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Tibet is a region that is part of China and borders the Himalayas making it a harsh area that has cold winters and hot summers and relatively low rainfall. The Chinese government has given limited self rule to the region by creating the Tibetan Autonomous Region in an attempt to minimize the calls for Tibetan independence and the return of the Dalai Lama.
The dominant religion in the region is Tibetan Buddhism and it has seen an increase as controls on the intake of Monks has been relaxed by the government allowing more boys and men to join the priesthood. It is a popular destination for travelers but requires careful preparation and documentation to obtain the right permits to travel in the region. You may require translated documents to be submitted well in advance. You also might need to submit your travel plans to the Chinese immigration service and the Tibetan autonomous regions government.

Document Translation
One of the booming areas of our busy Tibetan department is Tibetan tattoo translation it has become popular to use Tibetan script as the basis for a tattoo. The reason for it becoming popular seems to be partly due to feelings of support and solidarity for the Tibetan Buddhist monks that have been treated harshly by the Chinese government and the regional government.
It is very important that you get a quality translation of your prospective tattoo. We can make sure that your tattoo Tibetan translation is completed quickly and is accurate both in the words that are used and in the meaning so that you do not end up with a tattoo that has an incorrect meaning. This might sound like something that only happens rarely but many people find out after they have completed the tattoo that they are marked with a phrase that was not quite what they wanted and then are faced with a choice of changing or removing the tattoo and added expense.
As well as quality tattoo translations we offer the full range of document translation services that anyone thinking of travelling, working or doing business in the region may need. The need for multiple paper copies can make the process tedious and we urge you to always have several spares available so that you are not held up by the heavily bureaucratic process that dominates the area.

  • Quality tattoo translation
  • Travel documents
  • Permit documents
  • Identification documents

Certified Translation
It is common for the many departments that you may need to get approval to both require sighting the original certified translation and a number of copies. This can apply to anything that you wish to do in the region that is outside of an approved guided tour group. Our Tibetan translator service can quickly provide any need certified translations and also forward them to you anywhere in the world. We fully understand the need for urgency and will make every effort to meet any requirements that you have attached to the job.
Our high quality Tibetan to English translation personnel are fully trained in providing standards based certified translations that will meet the stringent requirements that government departments expect. While there is a small additional charge for certified documents it still is an affordable service that will ensure that you have the right document when it is presented to a Tibetan official.

  • Educational documents
  • Business credentials
  • Marriage certificates
  • Contract documents

Website Translation and Localization
If you want to add the Tibetan language to your website then our Tibetan translator can take existing content and produce high quality Tibetan content. It is important to have a fully qualified translator that can not only translate your words but the meaning behind them this is the most difficult part of any website translation.
You may want to add Tibetan writings to your website and provide quality translations in English to explain the writings and their significance. Our Tibetan writing translation service will translate the Tibetan passage to English taking care to properly translate the meaning not just the words.

  • Tibetan writings
  • Websites readable by Tibetan people
  • Popular Tibetan Tattoo phrases
  • Cultural writings

The Tibetan Language and People
The Tibetan language is interesting in that there are distinct dialects that are not mutually intelligible but the written language is the same across the dialects. Tibet can trace back a unified history nearly 1500 years and the rich cultural heritage and high profile of the exiled Dalai Lama has made it popular particularly in the West.
The Tibetan Autonomous region is being developed with infrastructure projects and a relaxing of tourism restraints increasing the areas GDP to about 40 billion Yuan. It has a per capita GDP of only $2500 on average with many of the 3 million population still living on what they can grow themselves in a traditional lifestyle.

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