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Is your purpose to overcome linguistic impediments by taking advantage of high-quality translation services? Whether you are seeking to convey meaning from English to Telugu or from Telugu to English, PoliLingua comes with the full arsenal of multilingual services you can surely rely on.

Why PoliLingua?
With a consistent experience obtained throughout considerable years of work in the industry, our translation agency has crafted effective methodologies to get the utmost for our clientele. To begin with, our services are built to ensure success, by meeting internationally recognized requirements. This means that your project will be completed with ultimate accuracy and proven competence. In order to deliver excellent results, free of aleatory errors and handled timely, we take undeniable advantages of top-notch translation software and CAT tool. And this is not all, experts in a certain sector are combined in teams who are perfectly acquainted with the complex and tricky terms which refer to the speciality. Even more, you can have the certainty that your Telugu project will get maximum devotion and professional approach due to the selection of native speakers we have included in our expert teams. In other words, cultural intricacies will be solved consistently by our Telugu translators who absolutely know how to operate in the area. We also insist on delivering fast results, always in accordance with the established timeframes. This principle is applicable for a myriad of types of translation, as we have managed a multitude of Telugu translations, always completed professionally. Thus, you can trust your choice and proceed to getting outstanding results which will help you move forward with your linguistic needs fulfilled.

Telugu Automotive Translation Services
The automotive industry extends its limits globally, reinforcing the need for specialized translators who would be able to transpose meaning in a proficient manner.  Especially when this sector is moving ahead with greater speed and is highly connected to other domains. No wonder, a good linguist must possess definite skills and systematic knowledge. Plus, a high command of both the source and target language is mandatory. Taking into account the fact that the automotive sector entails a host of different compartments, such as engineering, aviation, design, and so on, a high comprehension of technical aspects is necessary.  All of this should be performed in complete alignment with international requirements. In this context, PoliLingua has proudly provided Toyota and Volkswagen with translating services. Our linguists work diligently towards best results, with a high consideration for accuracy and time efficiency. We have dealt with numerous types of documents in the automotive sector, such as:

Telugu Technical Translation Services
Technical translations require a firm background in scientific and engineering topics. With regard to this, our well-versed linguists are highly familiarized with terminology and jargon included in the area in question.In spite of the size or format of your project, our translators are equipped for a large pool of multilingual assignments. Thus,  you can make your choice with your eyes closed, as we can solve several linguistic issues, for various types of documents: patent translations

  • Equipment instructions translations
  • Engineering processes translations
  • User manuals translations
  • Technical instructions translations
  • Consumer products translations
  • Light machinery translations
  • Household appliance manufacturers translations
  • Professional products translations, and many more.

Telugu Website Translation Services
Want to set up an engaging website which would magnetize the international audience? Is your purpose to render your online text easy to be grasped, in spite of language differences? Do you aspire to get high-quality solutions for your website translation? PoliLingua has worked with numerous companies and individuals and testimonies can serve as proof for professionalism in fulfilling linguistic tasks. Let us be accountable for your translation and get ready to enjoy impeccable results. A team of diligent and knowledgeable experts will give all the reasons to be satisfied with your choice. More than that, our services transcend the standard process of translation, enhancing the flow due to a consistent research of keywords, the insertion of tags and metatags for your website. Moreover, the proofreading stage will ensure maximum quality and the avoidance of any errors. We can translate Telugu documents for you:

Telugu Certified Translation
Moving abroad, starting a job in a foreign country, applying for studies overseas, and so on, all of them require professional validation of your papers in complete conformity to the rules of the targeted country. Luckily, our translation company has managed this kind of errands dozens of times. Thus, our dedicated linguists are capable of facing various challenges regarding professional Telugu certified translation. Our services include several kinds of documents:

Country and language profile:
Telugu is one of Dravinian languages which is spoken widely in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and the unins of Puducherry, which is also named Yanam. The speakers of the language are being called Telugu people. Including Hindi, nglish and Bengali, Telugu is considered one of the not so many official languages spoken in more than one Indian state. There are also mentionable linguistic minorities in the adjacent states. Besides, it is a member of six classical languages of India. It is also considered the fourth language which has the biggest number of native users in India. It is also worth mentioning that Telugu is the most broadly spoken member of the Dravidian language family. There have been discovered at least 10,000 colonial engravings in the Telugu language.

There are three distinguishable dialects: Andhra, which is used in the coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh, Rayalaseema, which is spoken in four Rayalaseema divisions of Andhra Pradesh and, the last one, Telangana - spoken chiefly in Telangana. Due to its ancient nature, Telugu is defined by an enriching literary culture, including religious themes, musical compositions and philosophical topics. The literature presents significant influences of Sanskrit and Hindu writings. Get a free quote now! We are more than glad to help you with your Telugu language translation.

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We use only translators carefully selected to match the subject matter and content of your project. Our translations meet and exceed international quality standards. Upon request, we will provide you with a statement which certifies the accuracy of our translations.