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At PoliLingua, our job is to give you the best translation service money can buy. And give it to you ASAP, trouble-free, and at a cheap price. Your business partners will thank you when you send them your documents they can easily read without getting lost in translation. Show them you care by contacting PoliLingua language services and letting our certified Swedish translators do the work for you. PoliLingua speaks over 100 languages, including Swedish and English. And it is literally our job to make sure you are understood around the world, from Stockholm to Los Angeles. 

Swedish is a language belonging to the sub-group of Scandinavian languages, corresponding to the northern group of Germanic languages, of the Indo-European language family and is spoken by more than ten million people, mainly in Sweden, in parts of Finland (about 6% of the population), especially along the coasts and on the islands. Contact us for professional Swedish to English translation services and solutions that fit your needs!

Why PoliLingua is your best choice for Swedish to English translation
Our 18 years of experience in the field of certified translations are reflected in the number of our clients. They appreciate us because we always strive to provide the most accurate and professional translations for their documents. Each and every translator we work with is an expert in Swedish and in several fields, such as medical, legal, marketing translation technical, localization solutions, etc. They can work more accurately on your translation projects.

Thus, PoliLingua offers certified Swedish translation solutions within budget and to the highest professional standard. For us, the most important values associated with our agency are the customers. So, over the past 18 years, they have always appreciated us for professional and certified document translation services into any language you need. PoliLingua is a corporate member of The Institute of Translation and Interpreting, the full member of the European Language Industry Association (ELIA), a member of both the American Translators Association (ATA) and Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), and an accredited member of Association of Translation Companies (ATC). In 2020, PoliLingua got the certificate of assurance from Cyber Essentials.

Contact us to request a free quote for a quality Swedish translation
The price of a Swedish to English or English to Swedish translation (no machine translation!) and interpreting services depends on several factors such as volume, recurrence, and specialty area. However, the highest quality of our services remains invariably the same. Get in touch to receive a free online quote for your Swedish translation within a few hours (less than 24 hours), ask any questions you have about the project, or find out more about what translation services we can provide for you today.

The Swedish language overview
Swedish is a Scandinavian language like Danish, Norwegian and Icelandic, belonging to the group of North Germanic languages. Of all the Scandinavian languages, Icelandic is the most differentiated, but Swedish follows immediately after. Danes, Norwegians, and Swedes understand each other without too much effort. But none of the speakers of these languages understand or read Icelandic, while an islander understands the other three languages quite easily. Swedish is not uniform, because there are regional variants that are more evident in pronunciation and intonation than in vocabulary or grammar: Southern Swedish, Eastern Swedish, Götaland, Gotland, Svealand, and Norrland. There are other dialectal varieties, almost all of which are disappearing.

Sweden is a relatively linguistically homogeneous country, with 85% of the population speaking Swedish as their mother tongue. This probably explains why the status of the official language of the Kingdom of Sweden was not defined in the 1975 constitution. Swedish has thus acquired this status in practice - a de facto unilingualism. In the spring of 2009, Parliament passed a language law called Språklagen (the Language Act). The law, which has 15 articles, came into force on July 1, 2009. The 2009 law recognizes what everyone living in Sweden already knows: that Swedish is the language spoken by most Swedes either as a mother tongue or as a second language. However, the law states that ‘Swedish is the main language in Sweden’ and the ‘common language of the Swedish society’. 

Geographical distribution
Swedish is the national language of Sweden and the first language of the vast majority of the approximately eight million people born in Sweden and is used by one million immigrants. In 2007, about 5.5% of the population of Finland spoke Swedish, although the percentage has been decreasing steadily over the last 400 years. The Swedish minority in Finland is concentrated in the coastal and archipelago areas of southern Finland and the West. In some of these areas, Swedish is the predominant language. In 19 municipalities, 16 of which are located in Åland, Swedish is the only official language. In many others is the majority language and is an official minority language in others.

There are large migration flows between the northern states, but because of the similarities between their languages and cultures (with the exception of Finnish), migrants, in general, assimilate quickly and they are not as a distinct group. According to the 2000 U.S. Census, about 67,000 people over five years of age are registered as Swedish speakers, but without any information on actual proficiency in speaking it. Similarly, there were 16,915 Swedish speakers in Canada as to the 2001 census data.

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