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At Polilingua we provide professional Slovenian translation services at unbeatable rates. Whether you need your website translated from English to Slovene, or require your diploma translated from Slovene into English, Polilingua can help with any kind of Slovenian translation:

We have a large network of Slovenian translators at our disposal which can perform translation from Slovene into any other European and some Asian languages. The local linguists make best translator as they can identify cultural language particularities, colloquial expressions and idiomatic structures to provide 100% accurate translation. This is why all our language experts are native speakers; they have the knowledge and experience to handle the most complex translation project.

We have implemented a multi-step project management and quality assurance procedures to ensure provide only the best quality translation at all times. Polilingua enjoys its solid presence in the translation market for more than 10 years. Our proven by time translation services cover a wide variety of industries and specialties and include:

Whatever your Slovenian translation needs, we have already done it. At Polilingua we have the extensive experience in translating a wide range of documents such as:

  • legal, financial, medical or technical documents and reports
  • user manuals
  • literary texts
  • business reports and contracts
  • invoices and statements
  • instruction manuals
  • advertising brochures and outlets
  • catalogs
  • websites, etc.

Country & Language Profile
Situated in Central Europe, The Republic of Slovenia is a small nation state. Historically, the territory of the present day Slovenia belonged to Roman Empire, Holy Roman Empire and Austro-Hungary. It declared independence in 1991, following the disintegration of Yugoslavia. Today Slovenia is a member-state of European Union and NATO and borders with Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. Slovenia has population of 2.05 million people and is generally characterized as a high economic and social level country.

Slovenia has a distinctive cultural attribute and is attracting a lot of tourist from all corners of Europe due its natural beauty and architectural splendors. There are skiing resorts in north western part of Slovenia, numerous spa resorts in northeast, as well as old caves, medieval castles, wineries spread throughout the country. Gambling industry feels at home in Slovenia – there are more casinos (per capita) here than in anywhere else in EU. Ljublijana is capital city of Slovenia, it is located in heart of the country and for centuries has been a influential cultural and trading hub connecting Germanic, Slavic and Latin cultures.

Slovene is the official language in Slovenia, classified in South Slavic group. With the population of over 90% of native speakers, Slovenia is considered as one of the most homogenous countries in European Union in terms of number of native language speakers. With numerous dialects spoken throughout the country, Slovene is often characterized as the most diverse Slavic language.

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