Remote Interpreting Services

Remote Interpreting Services

In today's globally connected world, interpretation services are essential for enabling clear communication across languages and cultures. PoliLingua offers professional remote interpreting to bridge understanding between organizations and their international clients and partners.

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With remote interpreting, an interpreter facilitates real-time communication in business meetings, legal proceedings, telemedicine appointments, and other sensitive conversations without being physically present. This allows participants to connect through video conference or phone from any location while maintaining seamless two-way understanding.

Our global network of over 4000 interpreters covers 70+ language pairs.

We carefully match each project with interpreters who have expertise in your industry and the required language combination.

Types of remote interpreting

We provide two main types of remote interpreting:

  • Simultaneous interpreting - The interpreter listens and translates nonstop, transmitting the message in the target language with just a slight lag.

This enables intuitive back-and-forth discussion as if communicating in one language.

  • Consecutive interpreting - The interpreter waits for the speaker to complete a sentence or thought before translating.

This allows the interpreter to convert nuanced details precisely. Consecutive interpreting works well for situations like witness testimony.

Remote interpreting allows organizations to bypass geographic separation and converse naturally with global teams, partners, and customers.

Types of remote interpreting
Use Cases

Use Cases

Remote interpreting facilitates instant communication across distances. Some examples include:

Business Meetings

  • Sales meetings with international clients and executive communications, interviews, and presentations
  • HR training sessions for multinational workforces and cross-border team collaboration

Legal Proceedings

  • Depositions for witnesses located overseas and attorney-client communication
  • Court and tribunal hearings / Arbitration and mediation

Healthcare Services

  • Telehealth consultations with patients globally (incl. mental health sessions)
  • Hospital appointments with non-local patients
  • Emergency room assistance for foreign-language speakers

Why Choose Our Remote Interpreting Services?

As a leading international agency, we offer premium remote interpreting powered by technology, experience, and human insight. Key benefits include:

  • No Travel Costs - With remote interpreting, organizations eliminate expenses for transporting interpreters to meetings or clients to your location.
  • Flexibility - Our interpreters can join sessions from anywhere with an internet connection, providing service for last-minute needs.
  • Rapid Scaling - We can quickly deploy interpreters in needed languages, allowing organizations to easily expand to new global markets.
  • Enhanced Accessibility - Remote interpreting opens up language services to clients in any location, enabling equitable understanding.
  • 24/7 Availability - We offer on-demand support for meetings across time zones to support today's real-time global business environment.
Why Choose Our Remote Interpreting Services?
Working process

Working process

Interpreting complex ideas on the fly requires fluency in nuance, culture, and language. Our process delivers professional results you can trust:

  • Project Setup - We consult with you to determine the project scope, languages, equipment needs, terminology, and virtual meeting platform.
  • Linguist Matching - Our project managers align the ideal interpreter for your language pair and industry using stringent selection criteria.
  • Pre-Session Briefing - The interpreter reviews any materials to become familiar with the context, subject matter, and goals.
  • Live Interpreting Session - The interpreter joins the remote meeting or call and facilitates two-way, real-time understanding between parties through simultaneous or consecutive interpreting.
  • Post-Project Follow-Up - We obtain feedback, provide recordings, and identify ways to optimize future interpreting engagements.

Count on Timely, Accurate Communication

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically increased the need for remote interpreting services as in-person meetings declined. PoliLingua rapidly scaled capabilities to enable thousands of virtual meetings, telehealth visits, depositions, and other sensitive conversations to flow smoothly despite geographic separation.

We integrate with leading video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, and more. This allows seamless inclusion of remote interpreters within your preferred virtual meeting environment.

Removing language barriers is essential for organizations operating internationally across industries. With rigorous linguist selection, industry-leading technology, and proven protocols, our remote interpreting solutions enable you to communicate with clarity and confidence.

We invite you to learn more about our end-to-end capabilities. Contact our team today to discuss your specific remote interpreting needs.

Count on Timely, Accurate Communication

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