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The Pashto language is one of two official languages in Afghanistan and a regional language in areas of Pakistan where there are large populations of ethnic Pashtun people. There are also areas in Iran and Tajikistan where Pashtun communities are situated and Pashto is spoken. There are more than 40 million Pashto speakers that use Pashto as their first language and a large but unknown number of people that use Pashto as a second or third language in the region.
When needing documents translated for use in Afghanistan Pashto and Dari can be used as they are both official languages. Pashto is seen by some as more nationalistic than Dari which is a Dialect of Persian. The rebuilding of Afghanistan is attracting foreign investment and money from the International monetary fund. Afghanistan has many natural resources but has not been able to develop them because of the ongoing conflict with the Soviets, Taliban and insurgents.

Document Translation
If you need Pashto language translation for documents then we can provide highly accurate translations that are processed quickly. Our Pashto translators can translate a single page or boxes of multi-page documents. The need to translate many documents when applying for funding with the various UN and international agencies requires high quality translations that fully and accurately reflect the source documents. This can be problematic when cheap local translation services are used and may lead to funding request being rejected or held up. Our professional document translations are properly processed and will meet the highest standards that international organizations and government officials require.
The need for Pashto translation is increasing as proper documentation and verification becomes a higher priority in all areas. We regularly deal with documents that include:

  • Identity documents
  • Accounting documents
  • Travel documents
  • Educational certificates
  • Official documents

Technical Translation
The need for Education at all levels of the Afghan economy has seen a number of initiatives. In most cases the materials used need to be translated. We are able to translate any technical document and our fully qualified English to Pashto translation team can accurately take the source material and produce high quality Pashto versions. The most import part of the process is producing easily understood instructions in the equivalent Pashto documents. This requires more than just word for word or phrase by phrase translation. Our translators use the latest techniques to produce technical translations that bring understanding to every document produced.
Afghanistan language translation is a specialized process and we use experienced personnel that have the technical understanding and fluency in both languages to produce high quality documents. While you might think that this would add to the cost it actually allows us to fairly price our translation service and increase efficiency. The high efficiency also improves turnaround time so you get a better translation faster.

  • Text books
  • Instruction sheets
  • User documents
  • Training manuals
  • Specification sheets

Financial Translation
If you are in need of financial translation services then our English to Pashto translator service can efficiently convert your needed documents. Our team can take your paper document, scanned copies or digital versions and use them as the source documents for the translated documents. We can deliver them digitally in the format you need or as printed documents with an appropriate delivery charge if needed.
We can also provide Pashto to English and Pashto to Urdu translation for financial documents so that we can better cover all of your translation needs. If you have special formatting needs or other modifications we can accommodate most requests. Our aim is to provide the best financial translation service available and we are able to deliver quickly at a price that will make your happy.

  • Monthly accounts
  • Contracts
  • Company accounts
  • Funding requests
  • Loan agreements
  • Guarantee documents
  • Distribution documents

Pashto Language and Culture
The majority of Pashto speakers are in the area of the Afghanistan Pakistan border. The language is derived from a version of Iranian and there are claims of Pashto works more than a thousand years old. There are thought to be as many as 60 million native Pashto speakers but many live in impoverished areas making exact numbers difficult to obtain. The GDP in Afghanistan is only $1000 per capita and the other majority Pashto communities also do not enjoy a high standard of living. Pashto poetry is a pillar of Pashto and Afghani culture and there are many famous Pashto poets dating back more than five hundred years.

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