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Transcription of speech recognition technology data


Nuance Communications is a company that puts voice to work to provide intuitive technologies that help people in their daily tasks in both leisure and work and encourage them to be more creative and productive. Speech command technology that is being developed at Nuance Communications does open a new chapter in the way people handle everyday jobs, simplifying ease of access and taking some of the focus from the actual organizational processes. Speech recognition software development is set to revolutionize dull daily business operations transforming them into a natural process with increased efficiency and user satisfaction. The ultimate goal of this exciting new technology is the creation of software that would understand every word spoken by any person with 100% accuracy.



Before engaging in the work process we spent time adopting our organizational strategy to maintain consistency of the workflow for the duration of the entire project.
Nuance Communication provided us a strict set of rules and instructions called Truth Transcription Guidelines that had to be followed. Each language had also a Supplement containing guidelines and markups for specific words.

Service: MultiLingual Transcription – Ukrainian, Croatian, Romanian, Turkish, Slovak and Czech
Project length: 1 year and 4 months
Volume: 300 hours per language, 1800 hours total
Size: 1.200.000 WAV files files, each 4-20 seconds in length (195.000 WAV files per language)



In order to achieve that 98% error free transcription service we always strive for, we organized and implemented a training module for all our teams of transcribers with special thought to meet the complex and strict guidelines instructions required for such a highly specialized service. The preparation of the training program involved a research approach into the technological terminology and other specifications. With multi-level project management and quality assurance programs enabled within our work strategy we were able to successfully face the challenges of this project and deliver all files within the timelines required by the client.



Our professional approach during the duration of this transcription project has guaranteed top quality work being delivered on time, setting up the base for further partnership between PoliLingua and Nuance Communications. The customer has become a regular with us.
The main benefits of outsourcing to PoliLingua include:

  • Fast and Free quotation
  • Detailed analysis and planning of the project
  • Understanding your special needs
  • Top quality work delivered
  • Significant cost benefits due to competitive rates

Whatever the size and complexity of your transcription, translation or Voice Over project, PoliLingua can offer you top quality service solutions at unbeatable rates.

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