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Are you looking for Navajo translators who are ready to perform high quality translation services adjusted to your specific needs? Are accuracy, professionalism and time-efficiency your top priorities when it comes to choosing an expert? Please make yourself comfortable and let us take care of your request.

To begin with, PoliLingua has built its excellent translation services due to a highly-qualified team of native linguists specialized in several fields, such as:

Navajo Medical Translation
Whether you need English to Navajo, or Navajo to English translation, or Navajo translation from Spanish, concerning medical reports and summaries, prescriptions, instructions for use of medical equipment, articles, brochures and other hospital related items, our translators will devote maximum knowledge and accuracy to fulfil and even surpass your expectations. Equipped with long-time experience and versed in making use of cutting-edge methods, our translation company delivers first-rate services in the shortest time possible. Computer-assisted translation software and CAT tools used by our professionals allow for better understanding and an increased level of precision throughout the translation process. Our linguists will put their best effort to do their work meticulously taking into account the particularities of the field. Moreover, our Navajo language translators are selected properly to match the field of their proficiency. To ensure an enhanced quality of the transcription, a skilled team takes care of the proofreading part. Only after the translation has been checked by several pairs of agile eyes and all possible errors have been avoided, the work is delivered in time in a decent shape. The medical area implies serious matters and we know how important is accuracy for our customers, when having to translate Navajo.

Navajo Legal Translation
Our team of Navajo translators and interpreters have the ability to provide quality output for legal translations as well. This field of expertise includes various types of documents handled by experienced linguists who work in their mother tongue and within the confines of the area of their specialization. Transcription, court proceeding interpreting and document translation are managed with professionalism and with a particular consideration for client’s data privacy. Moreover, our translators work strictly in accordance with government standards and have legal proof for performing their tasks at their highest. In addition, our translation agency places great emphasis on time-efficiency and cost-competitiveness. Thus, we deliver the translation in a speedy manner and for a good price. This is the only approach we consider our customers deserve from our part.

Navajo Translation

Navajo Document Translation
Amongst the wide range of our Navajo translation services, we successfully value our vast experience in document translation. This implies understanding our customer’s needs in order to design the finest solution for the solicitation. Our certified translators proficient in English and Navajo are well-familiarized with terminology and syntax and know how to carry tasks with diligence and with respect for confidentiality.

Besides, in order to ensure clarity and avoid errors our translations are verbatim. Plus, we are well accustomed with modern techniques and softwares which permit saving more time and ensuring better quality.

Navajo Certified Translation
In the era of globalization, there are a myriad of situations where you might need to translate Navajo language.
Below are enlisted some examples of certified translation:

  • Immigration documents
  • Educational documents
  • Customs documents
  • Corporate documents
  • Birth, Death and Marriage certificates
  • Adoption documents

What should be particularly considered when dealing with certified translations is the high level of accuracy demanded throughout the process. Our team members have a keen eye on detail. Therefore, their ability is perfectly suited for finding the best solution for your request. In your daily life may occur several situations which may demand expert certified translation. The rise in demand and the diversity of types of translations require specific knowledge and advanced methods adapted to the client’s needs. We can help you with a wide range of services, as we deal with this type of work for many years and have accomplished numerous tasks with well-recognized success. Consequently, we have built a trustworthy team endowed with convincing materials, talent and devotion, ready to manage Navajo translations to English, and the other way around.

Country and language profile
Navajo is a Southern Athabaskan language with an intricate history which owns its continuity to extensive education programs specially developed to get through a period of crisis. Navajo or Navaho is one of the most spoken Native American languages, especially in the north of the Mexico-United States border.

What makes it unique is the presence of several uncommon consonants which aren’t used in English. The algorithm of words in a proposition is basically subject-object-verb. Another curious fact is the origin of Navajo language orthography which has its roots in Latin script. Navajo is most remotely related to Western Apache, which has some similar tonal characteristics.

The Navajo Nation, which enrolled more than 300,000 tribal members, is the second biggest federally recognized tribes in the U.S. (amongst which Cherokee Nation is considered the largest) and also has the largest reservation in the country. Besides Navajo, inhabitants of the region also speak English.  The populations of this region are mostly situated in Arizona (140,263) and New Mexico (108,306). Regarding Navajo history, the language had a crucial role in winning the Second World War due to the use as a codified means of communication.


The Navajo culture and costumes were very much oriented towards their family life. Many of the Navajo people used to play games inspired by their love and devotion for their family. The games they practiced the most were invented due to the long and cold nights during the winter time as a way to distract themselves and create a cheerful mood amongst their close members.

Another Navajo fact which displays the cultural richness is the predilection for special ceremonies and rituals. Usually, this kind of Navajo tradition could extend for a duration of four days. For particular occasions, it could require some extra days and engaged several helpers. Besides, their culture implied a strong relationship developed between people and nature. For instance, they used to build the hogan and plant crops. All the Navajo rituals couldn’t do without the accompaniment of songs and prayer.  

Last but not least, the  beauty of the culture is marked by the abundant symbolism present in their daily life. For example, a single color could have multiple meanings, in accordance with the context.

We treasure our clients and would be happy to be of help. Request a quote from PoliLingua and see how fast and easy it can be.

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