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Whether your Maithili translation need is small or large, PoliLingua is always there to assist you. Our team has many experienced document translators who specialize in translating many different types of documents including birth and death certificates, marriage certificates and divorce decrees, diplomas, and any other Maithili document you may need translated.

Maithili software and website localization
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Language and People
Maithili is a Bihari language with about 35 million speakers in the eastern Indian state of Bihar, and in the Terai region of Nepal. It is written in the Devanagari script. In the past, Maithili was written primarily in Mithilakshar. Less commonly, it was written with a Maithili variant of Kaithi, a script used to transcribe other neighboring languages such as Bhojpuri, Magahi, and Awadhi.

It dates back to the 14th century. The Varna Ratnākara is the earliest known prose text, preserved from 1507, and is written in Mithilaksar script. In 2002, Maithili was included in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution, which allows it to be used in education, government, and other official contexts. It is recognized as one of the largest languages in India and is the second most widely used language in Nepal.

The name Maithili is derived from the word Mithila, an ancient kingdom of which King Janaka was the ruler. Maithili is also one of the names of Sita, the wife of King Rama and daughter of King Janaka. Scholars in Mithila used Sanskrit for their literary work and Maithili was the language of the common folk (Abahatta).