Machine Translation Post Editing Services

Machine Translation Post Editing Services

Are you looking for a reliable language service provider to help you translate your documents into multiple languages? If so, look no further than PoliLingua. Our team of experienced linguists uses sophisticated machine translation technology and post-editing services to ensure accuracy and consistency across all of our translations.

  • For over 20 years, PoliLingua has been providing comprehensive multilingual translation post-editing services to companies around the world.
  • Our team of experienced linguists can offer translations in over 200 languages, making it easy for you to reach a global audience.
  • We also offer tailored translation services at an affordable price. Read on to learn more about why PoliLingua is the right choice for your business!

What is a Machine Translation Post Editing Service?

A machine translation post-editing service is a type of service that helps to improve the quality of the machine-translated text. This type of service is usually provided by a human translator who edits and revises the machine-translated text to ensure that it is accurate and readable. In many cases, a machine translation post-editing service can help to improve the quality of a machine translation by up to 50%.


Why Use Machine Translation Post Editing Services?

There are many reasons why you might want to use machine translation services. For example, if you are working on a document that needs to be translated into multiple languages - a machine translation post-editing service can help save you time and money. Additionally, if you are working with sensitive or confidential material, you may want to use a machine translation post-editing service to ensure that the translated text is accurate and readable.

What is a Machine Translation Post Editing Service?

How Do Multilingual Machine Translation Services Work?

If you need a text translated into multiple languages, a multilingual machine translation post-editing service can help to improve the quality of the translated text. Machine translation services usually involve four steps.

  • Pre-editing. The translator will review the source text and make any necessary changes (such as simplifying complex sentence structures).
  • Machine translation. The text will run through a machine translation program.
  • Human revision. Once the text has been translated, the translator will revise it for accuracy and readability.
  • Final proofreading. The text will be proofread by another human, to ensure that there are no errors.

Advantages of Our Machine Translation Post Editing Services

Our post-editing services are designed to help you streamline your translation process by taking care of the most time-consuming parts for you. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of using our post-editing services.

  • Cost Savings. This type of our service can save your business money because you will not need to pay for a human translator to do the job. Additionally, if you have a lot of content that needs to be translated - this type of service can save you money by getting the job done quickly.
  • Time-Saving. Using our post-editing services can save you one of the most valuable resources - time (besides money). We have experienced professional translators who understand how to ensure that machine translations are accurate and effective in communicating your message. By outsourcing these processes, you don’t need to spend additional resources finding, training, and managing extra staff for translation work. Additionally, because less time is spent on manual editing processes, more time can be devoted to other tasks that could potentially bring more value to your business.
  • Ensure Quality Translations. Our post-editing services guarantee quality translations by focusing on accuracy and consistency across all projects. Our experienced translators pay attention to detail when proofreading machine translations are performed, ensuring that all errors or discrepancies are corrected before publication or dissemination. We also ensure that our translations are consistent throughout all projects by using automated tools such as glossaries, style guides, and other resources that promote uniformity in terminology across all documents we translate.
  • Increased Accuracy. When you use our multilingual machine translation service, you can be confident that the final product will be more reliable than if you had used only a human translator. It happens because the software constantly improves and can catch errors that a human might miss.
  • More Consistent Translations. If you have multiple documents that need to be translated, using a multilingual machine translation post-editing service will ensure that all of your documents are translated consistently. It is important for branding purposes and to ensure your message is conveyed correctly across all platforms.
  • Affordable Expertise Anywhere in the World. By leveraging our network of professional translators located around the world, we can provide access to experts anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently. It means that no matter where you are located or what language(s) you need to be translated into, we have access to experts who can help you get your message out there accurately and correctly. Our global reach also allows us to collaborate with local experts who understand local nuances in language as well as cultural specifics when translating documents into different languages.

Examples of Machine Translation Post-Editing Engines We Use

Let’s analyze some examples of multilingual machine translation post-editing engines we use in PoliLingua.

  • Google Cloud Translation

Google Cloud Translation is a paid service offered by Google. Google machine translation is one of the most powerful and feature-rich post-editing engines currently available. It supports over 100 languages including all major European languages, as well as Chinese and Japanese. Google Cloud machine translation system also includes features like automated language detection, spell checking, grammar correction, and more. In addition, users can customize their dictionaries and glossaries so that they can ensure accuracy in specific industries or topics.

  • Amazon Translate

Another popular MTPE engine is Amazon Translate. It is a paid service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This system offers support for over 50 languages, including Spanish, German, and French. The Amazon Translate service also provides an integrated dictionary that allows users to quickly find definitions for unfamiliar words or phrases in the target language. Additionally, it supports advanced features such as automated punctuation and style corrections to help improve the quality of translations even further.

  • Microsoft Azure Translator Text

Microsoft Azure Translator Text is a paid service offered by Microsoft Azure. It is another powerful MTPE engine with support for over 60 languages including Arabic, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, and Dutch. Azure text translation system includes features such as automatic language detection, spelling correction, and grammar checks as well as customizable dictionaries for specialized terms or industry jargon. Azure text translation integrates with other Microsoft products such as Microsoft Office 365, allowing users to easily translate documents from or within their existing workflow tools.

  • Systran Enterprise Server

Systran Enterprise Server is a paid service offered by SYSTRAN, a leading language technology provider. It uses a combination of rule-based and statistical machine translation and allows users to customize the engine to suit specific use cases. It is a widely used MTPE engine that supports over 30 languages, including Spanish, German, and French.

Systran machine translation offers an intuitive interface and advanced features such as automatic language detection and accurate translations. This translation system includes features like automated proofreading checks to ensure accuracy across all translations as well as customizable dictionaries that allow us to tailor the engine’s output to their specific needs or industry terminology. It also provides an integrated spellchecker and grammar checker to ensure the quality of translated documents. Systran machine translation engine is designed to be used by professionals such as translators, interpreters, and editors who need to quickly translate a large amount of text with maximum accuracy.

These are just a few examples. We can work with your organization and identify the best solution for your specific needs, customize, finetune, and maintain it. Each one offers its unique set of features designed to make translating your text faster and more genuine than ever!

Contact us today to get a free quotation for Machine Translation Post Editing

Contact us today to get a free quotation for Machine Translation Post Editing

At PoliLingua, we understand how important it is for businesses today to communicate effectively with customers worldwide using accurate translations quickly and professionally. That is why we offer our multilingual Machine translation post-editing services - so that businesses can rely on us for their translation needs without having to worry about inaccuracy or inconsistency in their translations due to machine translation system errors or discrepancies caused by manual editing processes.

Just upload your document into our request form, and our managers will contact you shortly with our best offer.

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