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Are you in search for professional Kirundi translation services? Do you place particular value on quality and fast delivery? If this is your case, we are more than glad to help you with your translation.
Year by year, PoliLingua has demonstrated excellent performance in overcoming language barriers by rigorously selecting its experts and making use of a vast arsenal of advanced translation tools. Documents of any size and formats are handled with professionalism and delivered in the shortest time possible. Moreover, our Kirundi translators are packed with all the nuance knowledge and terminology specific to their area of expertise. This implies that each project is being assigned to the linguists specialized in the discipline that fits best the purpose of your translation. Besides, our full-service translation company is certified with ISO 17100:2015,  which is an internationally recognized standard that serves as indisputable evidence of our proficiency. Consistency is our key for flawless results.

Kirundi Financial Translation Services
In today’s ever more globalized world, the borders between countries have become obsolete and the opening of new markets followed naturally. As a consequence, new financial opportunities rose along the way, providing viable conditions for entrepreneurs. Whether activating as an individual, consultant or business, having your information translated properly is crucial when aiming to meet the evolving needs of global businesses. The confidence and security a professional translation can provide has the capacity to build mutually beneficial relationships, which is essential when agreeing to or putting forward a financial situation.
When two or more parts are involved in a financial project clarity is paramount. Our translation agency has efficiently perfected their working methods to ensure accurate conversion of the intended meaning. Moreover, rigorous consideration is invested in the selection of suitable specialists who possess in-depth knowledge required in order to translate Kirundi. When you opt for our translation company, you can trust with your eyes closed that an experienced linguist will manage your project with maximum dedication and professionalism. We will also make sure optimum results will be delivered to you in the requested time frame. This will offer you flexibility and confidence in your financial dealings.
Our Kirundi language translation services include several types of documents:

  • Financial reports
  • Balance sheets
  • Rules and regulations
  • Income statements
  • Business Plans
  • Contracts and purchase agreements
  • Tax reports
  • Prospectuses, and many more.

Kirundi Medical Translation Services
When carrying out a translation in the healthcare industry there is no room for mistakes. For instance, you want to be informed about health condition of a loved one or to sort out a medical instruction, you need the translation to be delivered with maximum accuracy. The medical field implies particular terminology and jargon which is used with regard to sensitive matters. There is no question translation services should be handled by well-equipped, qualified and experienced Kirundi language translators who have proven their knowledge in the medical field. Thus, we have created teams of selected translators who are experts in their specific domain of proficiency. This kind of approach broadens the possibility of quality improvement and diminishes the time required for the translation to be done.
We can translate from Kirundi to English, or the other way around for you:

  • Approval documents
  • Clinical trials
  • Medical devices instructions
  • General medical translations
  • Patient surveys
  • Insurance forms
  • Datasheets
  • Package inserts and labels and many more.

Kirundi Technical Translation Services
In a world saturated with technology, where competitiveness keeps the life cycle of the marketplace going, the standard of quality in the translation industry has no other choice but to keep up. When dealing with Kirundi technical translation, the challenge that the translator has to surmount lies in the accuracy that should be involved along the process and the capability to adjust the translation to the specificity of the culture. Our team pridely possesses professional knowledge and dexterity needed in order to ensure remarkable results.
The qualification in a wide range of disciplines makes possible the translation of Kirundi language to English and not only, of almost any type:

  • Patents translations
  • Equipment instructions translations
  • Engineering processes translations
  • User manuals translations
  • Technical instructions translations
  • Consumer products translations
  • Light machinery translations
  • Household appliance manufacturers translations
  • Professional products translations, and many more.

Kirundi certified translation
Moving from one country to another or dealing with official matters remotely oftentimes requires certified translation. In fact, certified translation is a near-inseparable constituent of working with government authorities or official institutions abroad. For instance, you desire to study overseas and the admission process stipulates the need to translate your degree certificate or diploma, in order to be approved within the area of another country. In such a case, highly-proficient translators who are well-familiarized with particularities of the terms are wanted. Well, in this context you can confidently take advantage of our professionally crafted services.

A bespoke team is ready to put into practice a wide range of abilities meant to convert your documents to Kirundi or vice-versa expertly. Accuracy, correctness and quick turnaround are our key priorities when working with our clientele.
Certified translations include:

  • ID cards
  • Passports
  • Visas
  • High School Diploma
  • Drivers licenses
  • Name change
  • Residence permits
  • Temporary resident papers, and many more.

Country and language profile
Kirundi, also known as Rundi, is a language from Bantu language family. There are approximately 9 million speakers situated in Burundi and adjacent parts of Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. Rundi shares multiple similarities with the official language of Rwanda, named Kinyarwanda, both being part of the wider dialect continuum known as Rwanda-Rundi.

There are several ethnicities who speak the language, including Hutu, Bakiga, Tutsi, Twa and Hima. A resembling dialect is being used in western Tanzania, named Ha.

Kirundi translation

There is a specific rule which applies to Kirundi, marked by following a certain pattern of tonal change. An important characteristic is noticeable on tonal level, which is divided into two types: high and low (H or L). The distinction is reflected in a rising tone, which is being  applied when a long vowel changes from a low tone to high tone.

Burundi is defined by a flourishing culture mostly influenced by neighboring countries. However, the civil unrest and the consequences of the colonial period left its marks. Amongst traditional activities, people practice dancing and drumming. Each region has a specific kind of dance and drum. Moreover, each kind of drum is representative for a certain event or period. For instance were drums for dancing, other drums for when king moves, or even to guarantee fertility. Besides, the oral culture enjoys plenty of popularity as well.
Nowadays, the world-famous Royal Drummers of Burundi have been performing all over the globe for more than 40 years and use a large range of drums.

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