Khmer translation services

Khmer translation services

If you need Khmer translations of your documents, PoliLingua is a perfect choice. With over twenty years of providing translation services to clients worldwide, you can rely on their expertise and quality. Their certified team of translators is experienced in providing accurate and culturally appropriate Khmer translations for any type of document, from legal and technical to marketing material. And with a selection of complimentary linguistic solutions such as localization, website, and subtitling services, PoliLingua will be able to meet any client's needs.

Why PoliLingua?

  • 27 Professional Khmer translators
  • 25,000 Khmer words translated
  • 15 Khmer translation projects
  • Projects Management & Quality Control
  • Competitive Rates

Types of Khmer translations of PoliLingua

  • Khmer Document Translation - This involves the translation of written documents, such as contracts, reports, and marketing materials.
  • Khmer Interpretation - is the oral translation of spoken language, typically in real-time, either consecutive (taking notes and then interpreting) or simultaneously (interpreting while the speaker is speaking).
  • Khmer Voice-over Translation involves recording a voice-over in a different language for a video or audio production.
  • Khmer Subtitling Translation - involves the translation and display of written text in a visual format, typically in films or videos, to accompany the spoken dialogue.
  • Desktop Publishing and Typesetting - involves the preparation and formatting of translated text for print or digital publication.
  • Certified Khmer Translation - is a translation that is accompanied by a certificate attesting to its accuracy and authenticity, often required for official or legal purposes.
Types of Khmer translations of PoliLingua
Khmer language overview

Khmer language overview

The Khmer language is an Eastern Mon-Khmer language and the official language of Cambodia. Its origins can be traced back to the ancient kingdom of Funan, which was a powerful trading empire in what is now modern-day Southeast Asia.

The Khmer language has several distinct features that make it unique from other regional languages, including its use of modified consonants and the absence of tones. It also features a writing script known as the Khmer script, which incorporates both Sanskrit and Pali characters to form a complex relationship between sound, expression, and meaning.

The Khmer language is still widely used amongst Cambodians today and continues to hold an important place in the rich history and culture of Cambodia.

Steps to get our professional Khmer translations

  • Go to our website and click on the "translation" tab.
  • Choose "Khmer translation" from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill out the form with your contact information and project details.
  • Upload any supporting documents you have.
  • Click on the "submit" button and wait for a response from one of our project managers.
  • We'll get back to you as soon as possible with a free quote for your Khmer project.
Steps to get our professional Khmer translations
Advantages of Khmer translation company PoliLingua

Advantages of Khmer translation company PoliLingua

  • PoliLingua is a professional translation services company with over 20 years of experience.
  • We translate over 200 languages into Irish.
  • We offer Khmer translations for businesses and individuals, ensuring accuracy and precision in all our work.
  • Our team of translators is a native speaker of Khmer, guaranteeing that your translations will be accurate and idiomatic.
  • We provide a range of translation services, including website localization, document translation, and software localization.
  • Our rates are competitive and we offer a quick turnaround time on all projects.
  • Contact us today for a free quote on your Khmer translation project!

Certified Khmer translations we offer

PoliLingua offers certified Khmer translation services for individuals, businesses, and organizations. Our company has an extensive network of translators in the fields of medicine, law, finance, IT and technology, engineering, academia, and more.

Whether you need research documents translated into Khmer or legal contracts translated with accuracy, our team is here to provide certified translations from English to Khmer to give you peace of mind. Our professional translators provide high-quality translations that are timely and customized according to top their client's needs.

PoliLingua provides trusted certified Khmer translations to bridge the language gap between people of different nationalities.

Certified Khmer translations we offer
Khmer translations according to the industry

Khmer translations according to the industry

  • Legal Translation - Legal documents such as contracts, agreements, court orders, and legal briefs require accurate translation. The legal sector in Cambodia has its unique vocabulary, and it's essential to work with a professional Khmer translator who has expertise in the legal field.
  • Medical Translation - In the healthcare industry, Khmer translation is needed for medical records, patient information, clinical trials, and medical reports. It's crucial to work with a translator who has knowledge of medical terminology and is familiar with the medical practices in Cambodia.
  • Financial Translation - Financial institutions require the translation of documents such as bank statements, financial reports, and investment portfolios. Translators must be familiar with the financial terminology specific to Cambodia and possess a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Technical Translation - Technical translations are required for industries such as engineering, manufacturing, and software development. These translations may include technical manuals, user guides, and product specifications. 
  • Marketing and Retail Translation - Marketing translations are required for industries such as advertising, branding, and public relations. These translations may include product descriptions, taglines, and advertisements. 

Khmer Business Translations

Khmer business translations are becoming increasingly important in the modern era, and firms like PoliLingua are providing Khmer businesses with professional translation services.

Our Khmer business translation service is designed to help Khmer businesses have effective communication with their international partners. The translators are experienced English-Khmer translators who understand Khmer vocabulary and can accurately translate complex documents into the Khmeric language.

Our company takes a wide range of steps to ensure that Khmer businesses can make sure their communications are on point. This includes providing accurate Khmer business translations, performing control of terminology, stylistics, and layout, as well as organizing meetings with qualified Khmer linguists or conference interpreters.

With the help of PoliLingua’s Khmer business translation services, Khmeric companies can move their operations beyond borders and have their messages heard around the world.

Khmer Business Translations
Khmer business documents we translate

Khmer business documents we translate

  • Translations of brochures, flyers, advertisements, and other marketing materials aimed at a Khmer-speaking audience.
  • Translations of financial reports, balance sheets, income statements, and other financial documents.
  • Translations of company policies, procedures, and guidelines.
  • Translations of business contracts, agreements, and negotiations.
  • Translations of business emails, letters, and other forms of correspondence.
  • Translations of product catalogs, technical specifications, and datasheets.
  • Translations of job descriptions, employee handbooks, and other human resource documents.

Khmer legal translations of PoliLingua

Khmer legal translations can be tricky and require detailed analysis of both Khmer and legal terminology. This is why PoliLingua offers Khmer legal translation services, which are carried out by Khmer language experts with experience in the legal field. This way, companies or organizations can be sure that their Khmer legal translations will be accurate, reliable, and comply with local legislation.

Our company ensures that its Khmer legal translations retain the depth and substance of their original materials while also being culturally appropriate. As such, they offer an unbeatable combination of accuracy and cultural understanding in Khmer translations of all kinds – including Khmer legal ones.

Khmer legal translations of PoliLingua
Khmer legal documents we translate

Khmer legal documents we translate

  • Contracts: Khmer translations of contracts, agreements, and negotiations, including purchase agreements, service agreements, and lease agreements.
  • Court Pleadings: Khmer translations of court pleadings, including complaints, motions, and other legal filings.
  • Patents: Khmer translations of patent applications and other intellectual property documents.
  • Legal Correspondence: Khmer translations of legal letters, emails, and other forms of correspondence.
  • Legal Reports: Khmer translations of legal reports, expert witness reports, and other legal documents.
  • Regulatory Documents: Khmer translations of regulatory documents, including license applications and regulatory filings.

The size of Khmer speaking market

The Khmer-speaking market refers to the population of people who speak the Khmer language, which is the official language of Cambodia. As of 2021, it is estimated that the Khmer-speaking population is around 16 million people.

The majority of Khmer speakers reside in Cambodia, but there are also significant Khmer-speaking communities in neighboring countries such as Thailand and Vietnam. The Khmer language is also spoken by Cambodian diaspora communities in other countries such as the United States, France, and Australia.

With its growing population and increasing global presence, the Khmer-speaking market presents an opportunity for businesses to reach a diverse and dynamic audience.

The size of Khmer speaking market

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