Hungarian translation

Hungarian translation services

Hungarian translation services

If you are looking for a Hungarian translation that is both accurate and respectful of Hungarian culture, PoliLingua is your ideal source. With two decades of experience as a certified language service provider, they can offer Hungarian translations to global customers with confidence. Their professional staff will ensure that you receive translations exactly as you specified them without any compromise on quality or accuracy. With expertise in a range of specializations, PoliLingua provides Hungarian translation services following international standards.

Why PoliLingua?

  • 179 Professional Hungarian translators
  • 147,795 Hungarian words translated
  • 146 Hungarian translation projects
  • Projects Management & Quality Control
  • Competitive Rates

Hungarian translations of PoliLingua

  • Document translations - Translations of written documents, including contracts, reports, presentations, manuals, and other types of business or personal documents.
  • Interpreting - Oral translation of spoken language from one language to another during a conversation, meeting, or conference.
  • Voice-over translation - The recording of a voice actor in the target language, synchronized with the original audio or video.
  • Subtitling translations - The translation of audio or video content into written text, which is displayed on the screen in synchronization with the original audio or video.
  • Transcreation - The process of adapting a message or text to a different cultural context, while preserving its meaning and impact.
  • Desktop publishing and typesetting - The design and formatting of translated text in multiple languages, taking into consideration cultural differences and the target audience.
  • Certified translation - A translation that has been officially stamped or signed by a certified translator, attesting to the accuracy of the translation.
Hungarian translations of PoliLingua
Hungarian language overview

Hungarian language overview

Hungarian is a language with unique features and an interesting history. It belongs to the family of Uralic languages, stretching across Central and Eastern Europe, including areas of Romania, Serbia, Poland, and other countries in the region.

Hungarian has words that are not found in many other languages, creating its unique vocabulary with Hungarian roots. Some Hungarian words can be traced back to nearly one thousand years ago when Old Hungarian was used as the official language of the Medieval Hungarian kingdom.

Hungarian also has many dialects which can be heard across Hungary today. While Hungarian is spoken by roughly 13 million native speakers worldwide, it also enjoys huge popularity among non-native speakers who wish to study the language and immerse themselves in Hungarian culture.

Steps to get our professional Hungarian translations

  • Go to our website and click on the "translation" tab.
  • Choose "Hungarian translation" from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill out the form with your contact information and Hungarian project details.
  • Upload any supporting documents you have.
  • Click on the "submit" button and wait for a response from one of our project managers.
  • We'll get back to you as soon as possible with a free quote for your project.
Steps to get our professional Hungarian translations
Advantages of our Hungarian translations

Advantages of our Hungarian translations

  • PoliLingua has over 20 years of experience in the translation industry.
  • We translate over 200 languages into Hungarian, and all of our translators are native speakers of Hungarian.
  • Our team of experienced translators is native speakers of Hungarian who have a deep understanding of the language and culture.
  • We can translate a wide range of documents, including legal, medical, and technical texts.
  • Our translation services are competitively priced and we offer a quick turnaround time.
  • We are committed to providing our clients with excellent customer service.

Certified Hungarian translations of PoliLingua

PoliLingua is a leading provider of certified Hungarian translation services. Our certified Hungarian translators deliver full-sized translations that professionally address the linguistic and cultural needs of our clients.

With years of experience, our certified Hungarian translators can provide accurate and efficient solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the client. We ensure our certified Hungarian translations maintain a high level of accuracy while still optimizing efficiency, resulting in superior quality documents that meet or exceed industry standards.

Whether you need certified Hungarian translations for legal documents, marketing materials, websites, or any other purpose, PoliLingua has the competency to provide certified Hungarian translation services that exceed expectations.

Certified Hungarian translations of PoliLingua
Our Hungarian translations according to industries

Our Hungarian translations according to industries

  • Healthcare translations - Hungarian medical translations may include patient information, consent forms, medical reports, and other healthcare-related documents.
  • Legal translations -  Hungarian legal translations may include contracts, legal correspondence, patents, wills, and other legal documents.
  • Technology translations - Hungarian technology translations may include software localization, product manuals, technical reports, and other technology-related documents.
  • Retail translations - Hungarian retail translations may include product descriptions, advertisements, catalogs, and other retail-related documents.
  • Tourism translations - Hungarian tourism translations may include travel guides, hotel and restaurant descriptions, brochures, and other tourism-related documents.
  • Finance translations - Hungarian finance translations may include financial reports, bank statements, stock market reports, and other financial-related documents.
  • Marketing and Advertising - Hungarian marketing and advertising translations may include advertising copy, brochures, product descriptions, and other marketing-related documents.

Hungarian Business translations

Investing in business Hungarian translations provided by PoliLingua is an excellent opportunity for business owners who need fast and reliable services. Our dedicated team of professionals can help you get the most out of your business investments in translation quality and turnaround time.

With a network of business translators from various European countries, we deliver the full package when it comes to business Hungarian translations and is committed to providing top-notch results that satisfy your business needs.

By choosing PoliLingua as your Hungarian translation provider, you can rest assured that your documents will be translated with accuracy, consistency, and speed.

Hungarian Business translations
Hungarian business documents we translate

Hungarian business documents we translate

  • Marketing Materials: Translations of brochures, flyers, advertisements, and other marketing materials aimed at a Hungarian -speaking audience.
  • Financial Reports: Translations of financial reports, balance sheets, income statements, and other financial documents to or from Hungarian.
  • Company Policies: Translations of company policies, procedures, and guidelines.
  • Business Contracts: Translations of business contracts, agreements, and negotiations.
  • Product Catalogs: Translations of Hungarian product catalogs, technical specifications, and datasheets.
  • Human Resource Documents: Translations of job descriptions, employee handbooks, and other human resource documents.

Touristic Hungarian translations

PoliLingua is your perfect touristic Hungarian translation partner. Our professional team of linguists understands the unique needs of touristic translations and will help your business or project succeed within the touristic market in Hungary.

You can count on us to create high-quality and accurate tourist Hungarian translations quickly and effectively. From information leaflets to interactive tours, our translators offer multilingual solutions that ensure cultural accuracy in all target languages and professional peer reviews to guarantee quality assurance.

If you are looking for touristic Hungarian language services, look no further - PoliLingua offers translations for a variety of touristic purposes with competitive prices and high levels of customer satisfaction.

Touristic Hungarian translations
legal Hungarian translations of PoliLingua

legal Hungarian translations of PoliLingua

PoliLingua provides legal Hungarian translations of legal documents, contracts, instructions, and other legal documentation. As a highly experienced translation services provider, PoliLingua understands the meticulous requirements for legal translations and strives to satisfy those needs.

With our multilingual legal experts and rigorous quality assurance methods, PoliLingua assures its customers that legal Hungarian translations provided by them are reliable and precise. Thanks to our team of native linguists with years of legal knowledge in various sectors of the legal industry, we can guarantee you will get the highest professional quality legal translation service at all times.

Hungarian legal documents we translate

  • Patent translations: This involves the translation of patent applications and related documents, as well as the translation of patents themselves.
  • Legal ruling translations: This refers to the translation of court decisions, judicial opinions, and other legal rulings.
  • Intellectual property document translations: This includes translations of trademark and copyright applications, licenses, and other intellectual property-related documents.
  • Regulatory document translations: This encompasses the translation of laws, regulations, and other government-issued documents.
  • Litigation document translations: This involves the translation of legal pleadings, motions, and other documents related to litigation and disputes.
  • Immigration document translations: This includes a translation of visas, birth, death, or marriage certificates, graduation documentation, and others.
Hungarian legal documents we translate
The size of Hungarian speaking market

The size of Hungarian speaking market

According to Ethnologue, a database of world languages, there are approximately 13 million speakers of Hungarian, most of whom live in Hungary. In addition to Hungary, there are also significant populations of Hungarian speakers in neighboring countries, including Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Ukraine. There are also smaller communities of Hungarian speakers in other countries, such as Austria, Croatia, and Slovenia.

It's important to note that the size of the Hungarian-speaking market can vary depending on the specific product or service being offered. For example, a company selling language learning software may target a different segment of the market than a company offering legal translation services.

In any case, the Hungarian-speaking market represents a significant opportunity for businesses that are looking to expand their reach and tap into new markets. By offering products or services in Hungarian, companies can tap into a growing market and build relationships with customers who may not otherwise have access to their offerings.

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