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At PoliLingua, our job is to give you the best translation service money can buy. And give it to you quickly, with no worry, and at a reasonable price. We work with professional English to Hungarian and Hungarian to English translators who specialize in different fields. They will carry out your translations in the legal, commercial, and technical fields, and the translation of your patents or websites. All our experts translate only into their native language, which guarantees quality.

PoliLingua speaks over 100 languages, including Hungarian. And it is literally our job to make you understood around the world.

Our Hungarian translators
Our translators and editors who work in their native language are the backbone of our company. They are more than just freelance professionals to us: we consider them to be full-fledged members of our team and have developed long-term professional relationships over the years. Speaking two languages does not make you an expert translator any more than having two feet does not make you a soccer star. So we select the translators, editors, and proofreaders in our network with the utmost care. All of them live in the country of their mother tongue. Each has the right combination of language skills, competencies, knowledge, and expertise. This allows us to understand your text in all its nuances and regionalisms, as well as the specifics of the subject matter, enabling us to handle multilingual translation/localization projects with exceptional quality, even for the most specialized texts. For certified translations or official Hungarian translations, contact us for a free quote. Your translation will have legal value and will be valid for your lawyer, notary, or any other administration.

Community translation
A community interpreter participates in the interviews between health, social, and education professionals and migrants, with the aim of making understanding between speakers of different languages and cultures possible and fluid.

Legal translation 
Expert legal translation is a subtle and more complex exercise than is often thought in the general public world. It takes advanced legal knowledge, mastery of both source and target languages, and skills to translate the nuances of the source text. A legal translator therefore not only translates but also carries out terminological and comparative law research to ensure that the translation is perfectly suited to its target audience.

Medical translation
Medical translation services are among the most important services in terms of accuracy and industry knowledge. A small mistake made by a medical translator when translating medical device documents and instructions can lead to disastrous consequences. PoliLingua provides you with accurate, fast, and professional medical translation at affordable rates.

5 reasons we are the best fit for you
We guarantee our services are of the highest quality. Our quality-test process includes:

  • Pre-translation tasks
  • Translation
  • First run checking
  • Editing
  • Proofreading

You can rely on us to deliver a consistently accurate and clear translation of high-value information and data. 

Hungarian to English and English to Hungarian translations
The translation agency PoliLingua works with native Hungarian speakers to produce texts that are impeccable and adapted to its readership in terms of tone, style, and choice of vocabulary. Our translators know how to address the Hungarian audience, in styles adapted to your target audience and in different sectors: e-commerce, tourism, sports, nutrition, IT, automotive, marketing, SEO, design, and decoration, etc... We can assign a professional to your project according to their particular skills in your sector, or dedicate several translators to work with you. Our expertise in web content and SEO guarantees you will get Hungarian content with optimized visibility for search engines.

Our bilingual translators specialize in specific technical fields, such as the translation of specifications and manuals for the IT and telecommunications sectors. Our legal and financial specialists are familiar with specific legal and financial terminology and the Hungarian legal framework. In addition, they are subject to a high level of confidentiality, which guarantees the complete security of your data. Our Hungarian translation company works with sworn translators so that we can also offer you certified translations of your official documents, diplomas, or court reports into Hungarian.

Our certified Hungarian translators
Our agency offers professional translation services from Hungarian to English, as well as from English to Hungarian. In both cases, we have at our disposal native English and Hungarian translators specialized in a wide range of fields, and whose linguistic skills are beyond reproach (each of our translators holds an appropriate degree and/or has several years of experience in the world of translation). This experience is necessary to translate from/into Hungarian, which is a complex language with many specificities that need to be perfectly understood. Each text delivered is therefore checked by professional bilingual translators who can verify that the translation is consistent and respectful of the spirit of the original text.

Every native Hungarian expert working with PoliLingua has the necessary experience and qualifications to provide certified services including interpretation, localization, marketing, website, government, legal translation, technical translation, and general business translation solutions. They all have one or more areas of expertise, which allows them to produce reliable, accurate, and flawless Hungarian document translations. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we carry out a very rigorous internal quality control before sending you the translated documents. If you wish to translate from or to Hungarian, nothing could be simpler! The sky’s the limit with the services PoliLinigua and our team of professional translators can offer to your business. Contact us today and let us help you grow your business! 

Teamwork and a lot of rigor for an impeccable result
When a translation project requires us to produce work that is too large to be done by a single translator, our team of translators comes together to produce a joint work with the following motto - collaboration, trust, and commitment. Thanks to our teamwork, we can handle any type of project, large or small, within tight deadlines, while maintaining an unparalleled level of quality.

Tell us about your project and request a quote for your Hungarian translation
We are proud to deliver high-grade, well-priced Hungarian translation services for any of your projects - small or bulky, common, or highly sophisticated. Use the contact form on the right to send us a sample of the source text. Get a quote of your Hungarian translation within a few hours (less than 12 hours). Please call or email us to ask any questions about your project or to find out more about what we can do for you today.

The Hungarian people and language overview
People - 97.7% of the population of Hungary speaks Hungarian as its mother tongue. The Hungarian Constitution guarantees national minorities full freedom and equal rights, including in the use of their mother tongue. The largest national minority is the German-speaking one. Germans had settled mainly near the western border, in the Transdanubian mountains, around the capital, and in the region of Mount Mecsek. The South Slavs (Serbs, Croats, Slovenes) inhabited the south-western border area, the Romanians were concentrated along the south-eastern border, the Slovaks, next to them, in the Békés county and near the capital. The number of Gypsies is currently estimated at some 400,000 to 600,000 people.

Language - Originally from Asia, the Hungarian language is fundamentally singular from the dialects spoken by its neighbors, who generally speak Indo-European languages. Indeed, Hungarian comes from the Ularic region of Asia and belongs to the Finno-Ugric language group, which means that Finnish and Estonian are in fact its closest relatives. Hungarian separated into its own language about three thousand years ago and evolved like its people from a language mainly focused on hunting and gathering to a farming community with many nomadic cattle-breeding tribes. Around the year 500, the Turkish languages later had a strong influence on the orientation of the language and introduced a number of words on agriculture.

When the Hungarians emigrated to the Carpathian Basin around 900 AD, they came into contact with the Slavic and Romance languages, and many of these words are still spoken in Hungarian today. It was not a simple one-way transition, however, a significant number of the words in Romanian are of Hungarian origin. The kingdom of Hungary was founded in the year 1000 AD by Stephen I of Hungary. It was at this time that the Latin alphabet was adopted by the Hungarian language in order to start writing the language fluently. Hence the clear influence of the Latin language, and as a result, the first biblical translation into Hungarian dates back to around 1430.

Today, Hungarian is spoken by over 13 million people. Hungarian has several dialects, but people can easily understand one another. Hungarian literary language is based on the Northeastern dialect. Although Hungarian is a Finno-Ugric language, its vocabulary has many words from Slavic, Turkic, and German languages.

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We use only translators carefully selected to match the subject matter and content of your project. Our translations meet and exceed international quality standards. Upon request, we will provide you with a statement which certifies the accuracy of our translations.